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The Academy offers training to design, operate and manage satellite networks using our product lines. Our programs are designed to keep our partners up to date on the latest products and technologies and have the confidence and experience to design, install, configure, manage and troubleshoot our systems. Partners will see a reduction in OPEX and more motivated staff by providing training and certification.

Our Mission is to promote continuous learning to our partners, employees and teams by offering qualitative learning opportunities worldwide. The Academy is a cooperation between the HR department, with focus on continuous learning for employees and teams and the Global Services training department with focus on continuous learning for our partners and customers.

The Academy
  • Hands-on: Training & certification programs are not only theoretical approaches but also focus on the hands-on knowledge and skill set development. The goal is to teach the practical approach, a hands-on mentality that enables the student to take action directly after the training on the network in place. Also our instructors have a very hands-on oriented mentality and are trained, supported by the needed theory, by hands-on actions and activities. All instructors have field experience.

    Expertise: The programs are focused on building and extending the student’s expertise, being it on technology level or on product level, focusing on the different business roles of the student, being operational, design or implementation. Through many years of field expertise with our products and technologies in real life situation, our instructors have the needed expertise to bring the knowledge covered in the training programs towards the students.

    Certification: To be able to measure the success rate of the training program, students can participate to an online, in some cases even practical, certification test. This industry recognized certificate proves that the student gained the targeted knowledge and expertise and is ready for it’s designated tasks. Our instructors from their side follow a controlled certification process, where they will go through different phases of internal training that will qualify them as an instructor for a given program.

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  • Training Centers

    Herndon, VA

    United States
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    Site Contact:

    Grace Z. Liu
    Global Training Program Coordinator
    Reception desk: +1 703 648 8000
    Direct phone: +1 703 256-6432

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    Site Contact:

    Iris Ghestem
    Global Training Program
    Reception desk: +32 3 80 65 00
    Direct phone: +32 3 780 65 55

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    Site Contact:

    Viveca Fichera
    Senior Team Administrator
    Reception desk: +971 4 501 5801
    Direct phone:

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    Site Contact:

    Gillian Martin
    Reception desk: +65 6521 7888
    Direct phone: +65 6911 5833

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    • Herndon
    • Sint-Niklaas
    • Singapore