Velocity® Global Bandwidth Management – GBWM

The Velocity Global Bandwidth Management (GBWM) is a five days advanced training course focused on providing the attendants with the knowledge required to fully understand and efficiently configure Quality of Service on Velocity networks. This training is part of a set of advanced courses developed by iDirect together with Advanced Velocity Operation & Maintenance (Advanced ViOM).

  • Description

    The Velocity Global Bandwidth Management training program is a five-day training program, designed to provide in-depth theoretical knowledge regarding the functionality of Velocity GBWM and Quality of Service; features which include Velocity Global QoS & Regional Scope QoS by defining the relevant Global level’s Group Service Plan (GSP), terminal level’s Subscriber Service Plan Profile (SSPP) & Subscriber Service Plan Components (SSPC), and Fair Access Policy (FAP). The explanation of concept and usages of Service Area (SA) related to Regional Scopes and Regulatory Area (RA) will be covered.

    This course is intended for personnel responsible for designing and implementing System Wide Quality of Service (QoS) and Service Level Agreements (SLA) on Velocity networks.

    The course is a blended format of lectures, demonstrations and practical exercises that provides each learner with a comprehensive overview of network operations from the iDirect perspective. In addition to course material, the student will have privileged access to the software and hardware, while also having the opportunity to completely configure a new network from scratch and test the main products and features. After completing all associated materials, lectures, practical exercises and learner knowledge assessments, a final written exam will be administered at the end of the five-day training session.

    This training and certification program is only available on demand. Reach out to to schedule this course.

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