MDM3315 Satellite Modem

The MDM3315 Satellite Modem is a compact, high-throughput modem supported on multiple platforms and covering a wide range of markets and applications. The modem features DVB-S2/DVB-S2X on the outbound and various return waveform technologies, depending on the platform, for the greatest flexibility: Adaptive TDMA, MF-TDMA, SCPC and Mx-DMA, which seamlessly combines MF-TDMA flexibility with on-demand variable bandwidth allocation of SCPC guaranteeing the highest efficiency and availability.

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MDM3315 Satellite Modem
  • Overview

    With throughput rates up to 150/70 Mbps, the MDM3315 is ideal for enterprise, cellular backhaul, maritime, broadcast, and government markets and supports a wide range of fixed IP, mobility, and multicasting services. The wideband receive capability makes the MDM3315 a perfect fit for usage on HTS/VHTS. The modem’s ease of installation through web GUIs and remote commissioning applications allows services providers to deploy their services quickly, in a cost-effective way.

    The MDM3315 modem is also available as a board level variant, the SMB3315, which is suitable for both fixed and COTM terminal solutions.

  • Features of MDM3315

    • For operation in Dialog, Evolution or Velocity networks
    • DVB-S2 (up to 45 Msps) / DVB-S2X* (up to 500 Msps) outbound
    • Supports DVB-S2X* MODCODS up to 64APSK
    • Return max rates up to 29 Msps (ATDMA), 64 Msps (SCPC), 40 Msps (MX-DMA MRC)
    • Ideal for both fixed and mobility applications
    • OpenAMIP and GXT file support for mobility
    • Optional *256-bit AES encryption
    • ATMEL chip for authentication
    • Embedded TCP acceleration, GTP acceleration and header compression


    *Platform and release dependent