IoT Solutions

Our new IoT Solution offering provides Service Providers with a pathway to satellite IoT by leveraging existing Evolution, Dialog or Velocity hub infrastructure and pairing it with state-of-the-art, compact terminals and optimized IoT waveforms for low-throughput IoT use cases.

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IoT Solutions
  • The ST Engineering iDirect IoT Solution is a robust, cost-effective and highly scalable offering, facilitating connectivity with a portfolio of compact, lightweight terminals that feature a tightly integrated satellite modem and flat-panel antenna design in Ku- and Ka-band variants. Built on our scalable Evolution, Velocity, and Dialog hub infrastructures, our IoT solutions incorporate an IoT optimized waveform and a cloud-based NMS/OSS management framework powered by hiSky technology, to support fixed or mobile IoT applications in a wide range of markets including transportation, energy, mining, utilities, agriculture and construction.

    This highly scalable, geostationary-based (GEO) satellite solution enables Service Providers to gain immediate market access and reap the benefits of satellite IoT. ST Engineering iDirect is also providing optional service enablement solutions so that Service Providers can leverage IoT-as-a-service options to speed up market entry while reducing the upfront capital investments and operational complexities when creating their own IoT platforms.

  • This terminal, available as Ku or Ka-Band models, features a compact design suitable for portable itinerant operations or fully mobile uses cases for both Comms-on-the-Pause (COTP) or Comms-on-the-Move (COTM) applications. The terminal consists of a flat, small form factor phased array antenna featuring automatic acquisition, fast synchronization, tracking and fast beam switching with polarization and frequency switching. The antenna design is tightly integrated with the satellite modem into a single unit featuring Ethernet, WiFi and Serial interfaces and optimized for low power consumption. The Dynamic IoT terminal with optional mobility add-on licensing enables portable and fully mobile COTM low data rate (LDR) use cases such as for fleet tracking and management, agriculture and construction sensor aggregation application, first responder and fishing fleet applications including vessel tracking and catch reporting.

    Dynamic IoT Terminal
  • Integrated with a compact phased array antenna and satellite modem, this fixed IoT terminal is intended for deployment in extremely remote applications in mining, utilities, pipeline and other energy vertical markets as well as agricultural sensor backhaul applications. Thus, the terminal is designed for fully outdoor applications and mounting on poles, buildings and fixed mounting positions. The terminal supports Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) for remote powering or adaptation to solar power configurations and features an intuitive smartphone app simplifying manual pointing and acquisition of signals. It features versatile connectivity options using Wi-Fi for phone, tablets and sensors as well as wired options for IoT devices and sensor gateways such LoRaWAN.

    The Fixed IoT Terminal
  • For Evolution and Velocity hub platforms, IoT waveform enabled universal linecards (ULC) provide simplified integration into an existing 5IF hub chassis as the IoT modulator and demodulator. An IoT packet processor runs on standard ST Engineering iDirect hub PP servers to complete the IoT hub in the teleport. Hidden carrier technology allows for IoT and VSAT carriers to coexist in the same bandwidth, ultimately optimizing use of allocated bandwidth.

    On Dialog, hiSky’s Hub Base Station (HBS) element is available for activation on the Dialog platform. It functions as a hub modulator and demodulator and is paired with a protocol processing server standard in Dialog.

    The application server is managed through the cloud-based hiSky 360 NMS allowing Service Providers to configure, operate and monitor the platform and its components.

    • Complete connectivity solution that leverages Service Providers’ existing hub infrastructure
    • Features compact, flat-panel satellite terminals including a satellite modem and flat-panel antenna design
    • Innovative, compact IoT terminals from a single trusted source
    • Variants available for fixed and mobile use cases in Ka- and Ku-Band
    • Enables Low Data Rate (LDR) and Medium Data Rate (MDR) services for deployment within both fixed and mobile environments
    • Flexible service enablement “As-a-Service” models