980 Board Satellite Modem

The 980 Board Satellite Modem is a high-performance satellite router board designed for integration into defense and government aircraft. The 980 supports operations in a high-speed COTM environment with dual DVB-S2/ACM demodulators and Adaptive TDMA for improved beam switching and increased network availability. It is compliant with WGS, DO-160G and ARINC 791 standards. Together with our advanced mobility features, the 980 is ideal for fast, reliable communications for any critical airborne mission.

  • The 980 is a powerful satellite modem board architected specifically for integration into defense and government aircraft for operations in an ultra high-speed COTM environment. The 980 is designed to integrate into a ARINC 600 enclosure or other customized solutions, facilitate compliance with WGS, DO-160G and ARINC 791 standards and is manufactured to strict aerospace AS9100 standard for quality.

    The 980 modem board is available as a roll-on/roll-off rackmount unit with the 9800 AR and with an ARINC 600 4MCU enclosure with the 9800 AE.

  • Features of the 980 Board Satellite Modem

    • DVB-S2 up to 45 Msps
    • Adaptive TDMA up to 15 Msps
    • Dual demodulators for make-before-break connectivity
    • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified (#3056) TRANSEC module (E0002268)
    • Extended frequency ranges for WGS constellations