Terminal Integration

ST Engineering iDirect offers an extensive range of terminal integration services to accelerate the integrator’s design, development and integration efforts ranging from terminal certification to turnkey integrated terminals such as manpacks, flyaway and drive-away solutions. Our services can be tailored to fit each integrator’s unique needs throughout each phase of the integration process.

Terminal Integration
  • Innovations such as high throughput satellites (HTS), DVB-S2X and other waveform improvements, plus revolutionary antenna designs, are opening up new markets by radically changing the user economics. To keep up with the changing demand, terminal integrators need to bring smaller, higher-performing terminals to market. Time-to-market is of the essence, yet integrators have no shortage in complexities to overcome in the design and integration process. 

    Design and Implementation Phase  

    During the design and implementation stage, ST Engineering iDirect can advise you on ways to improve the design of your solution (i.e. mobility optimizations), can assist with implementing real skew angle and provide explanations of algorithms specifically for remote acquisition and beam switching.  

    Integration and Testing Phase  

    After terminal equipment has been integrated, we can assist integrators either remotely or at our onsite test lab for testing and verification. The integrator will be given access to an IF network running an ST Engineering iDirect–supported release, with desired downstream and upstream symbol rates, and remotes. Throughout the testing phase we can assist in reviewing test results and providing feedback and recommendations.  

    Terminal Certification Phase  

    ST Engineering iDirect can assist the integration with acceptance testing and help the integrator prepare the integrated solution for self-certification as well as certification with the satellite operator’s network (if applicable). During this phase we can assist with any necessary configuration changes to help you achieve the final certification. Upon completion of self-certification, we will award a certificate to the integrator and add the integrator to our website as a certified terminal provider.  

    Leverage Our Engineering Resources with the Most In-Depth Expertise 

    As the leading modem technology provider for fixed and mobility markets, we have a long-standing history of working with best-in-class integrators for over 15 years. In 2006, we helped standardize the antenna router integration by developing the OpenAMIP® protocol and making it available as an industry-wide open standard. Since then many mobility terminals have integrated our modem board technologies into their designs. With our high-performance DVB-S2/DVB-S2X series remotes, the latest integrated board technology is being used by many integrators globally.