SMB3315 Satellite Modem Board

The SMB3315 Satellite Modem Board is suitable for integration into highly compact COTM terminals for the government and defense, broadcast and mobility markets. It offers unprecedented performance and flexibility in a modem board with the ability to operate on either Dialog or Velocity networks, supports a broad array of mobility capabilities and is fully equipped to operate on HTS spot beams satellites.

SMB3315 Satellite Modem Board
  • Features of the SMB3315

    • For operation in either Dialog or Velocity networks
    • DVB-S2 (up to 45Msps) / DVB-S2X (up to 500 Msps) outbound
    • Supports DVB-S2X MODCODS up to 64APSK
    • Return max rates up to 40Msps (SCPC), 20Msps (MxDMA)
    • Ideal for both fixed and mobility applications with peak throughput rates up to 150/70 Mbps
    • OpenAMIP and GXT file support for mobility
    • Security features with 256-bit AES Link Encryption
    • Embedded TCP acceleration, GTP acceleration and header compression