Group Quality of Service

Group Quality of Service, ST Engineering iDirect’s award-winning bandwidth allocation algorithm, allows for countless possibilities of quality of service levels, bandwidth management and traffic prioritization.


  • Group Quality of Service (GQoS) provides network operators a significant increase in bandwidth management capabilities when prioritizing traffic for customers in a shared network environment. This results in more flexibility with traffic configuration and prioritization, more savings over conventional QoS, and improved customer service quality.

    GQoS provides a comprehensive set of powerful, state-of- the-art features that bring new dimensions and options for traffic prioritization and bandwidth management. This can span multiple applications, multiple remotes, and even multiple sub-networks.

  • Benefits of Group Quality of Service

    When combining GQoS with DVB-S2X/ACM it allows network operators to increase DVB-S2X efficiency gains in the following ways:

    • Combining multiple small networks into a single, larger carrier
    • Maintaining distinct QoS settings by remotes, bandwidth groups and applications
    • Tightly integrating ACM and GQoS, service providers can create more flexible service offerings and improve customer satisfaction in geographies commonly impacted by adverse weather conditions
    • Establishing Extended Information Rate (EIR) options that maintain a fixed Committed Information Rate (CIR) during periods of rain fade, giving their customers the choice of more service level guarantees at different price points