iDirect Introduction to Velocity®

The iDirect Introduction to Velocity® training is a five-day introductory course providing the learner with the basic skills necessary to configure, operate, manage, maintain and perform basic troubleshooting of a typical iDirect satellite network.

  • Description

    It is the established prerequisite for the more advanced training courses: Velocity® Advanced iOM and Global Bandwidth Management courses.

    The training is oriented towards Network Operation Center (NOC) engineers working at the Hub site rather than the remote site. The course is also geared towards individuals working for the first time with iDirect hardware and software which are responsible for the basic configuration, operation and maintenance of iDirect satellite communications products and networks.

    The course, a blended format of lectures and practical exercises, is presented in a clear and technical form, providing each learner with a comprehensive overview of Velocity. In addition to the Learner Instructional Manual, handouts are provided, as required, to supplement existing course material and provide additional up-to-date details on latest released software and hardware. During the training, learners will have privileged access to the latest software and hardware released by iDirect.

  • Prerequisite

    Learners attending the iDirect Introduction to Velocity® course should have a basic understanding of satellite communications and some familiarity with Internet Protocol theory. It is strongly advised that the Satellite Communications and Data Communications online learning modules are reviewed before attending the course will be provided after registering for the class. A fundamental understanding of VSAT technology and reasonable eye-hand coordination for basic parts assembly is also desired. A basic user level knowledge of Linux is also desired for this course since the training will include accessing Linux based remotes and servers. While the theoretical knowledge and skills are not required to attend this course, they are highly recommended to receive maximum benefit from the training.

  • Learner Outcomes

    Upon completion of this course, each learner will be able to:

    • Identify, understand the main functionalities and interaction of the Velocity® iDirect network topology and all the hardware and software associated with an iDirect satellite communications system.
    • Understand how to use NMS Pulse®, the web application used by the Velocity® platform to configure, control, manage and monitor the Velocity® platform.
    • Install, upgrade and configure an iDirect components including: NMS Servers, Protocol Processors, Line cards and satellite router, in addition to the other logical and hardware components.
    • Understand how to use Web Terminals to perform remote commissioning and assisted antenna pointing procedure.
    • Design an iDirect network including creation of all the required components using Pulse®.
    • Understand how to use maps and the need for them.
    • Understand Beam switching and two major aspects of it: Mechanics of Beam switching and Decision to switch the beam.
    • Perform real-time monitoring of any iDirect network using Pulse® software tool; recognizing potential problems, identifying and resolving their root causes.
    • Understand the remote acquisition process and basic troubleshooting skills to recover a remote from the most common issues identified to date: power, frequency and timing offsets.
  • Course Goals and Objectives

    The training material is focused, in its intent, to prepare each learner with the necessary ability to perform essential job functions when they return to their organization. At the end of the five-day training session, and upon successful completion of all course requirements, (practical and written), an online course critique/survey will need to be submitted. Once done, a soft copy of a Certificate of Attendance may be submitted to for processing.

    Following is the outline of the nine learning modules to be covered in class.

    • Module One – Velocity Introduction
    • Module Two – Hardware and Software Infrastructure
    • Module Three – Pulse® Web User Interface
    • Module Four – User and System Management
    • Module Five – Pulse® network Configuration Management
    • Module Six – Acquisition Signaling Carrier
    • Module Seven – Maps and Beam Switching
    • Module Eight – Global Bandwidth Management
    • Module Nine – Monitoring/Reporting
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