iDirect Introduction to Velocity®

The iDirect Introduction to Velocity® training is a five-day introductory course providing the learner with the basic skills necessary to configure, operate, manage, maintain and perform basic troubleshooting of a typical iDirect satellite network.

  • Description

    The Introduction to Velocity training program is a five-day introductory course to iDirect technologies and products. The course includes satellite communications theory, introduces the trainee to new terms and features exclusive to Velocity, hardware infrastructure, and hub to subscriber network configuration. Upon completion of this training, trainees will be equipped with a foundation to build upon their Velocity knowledge when they return to their respective operational environment.

    The training is oriented towards Network Operation Center (NOC) personnel working at the hub site rather than the remote site, as well as individuals entering this career field or working for the first time with iDirect hardware and software who are responsible for the basic configuration, operation and maintenance of iDirect satellite communications products and networks.

    The course is a blended format of lectures, demonstrations and practical exercises that provides each learner with a comprehensive overview of network operations from the iDirect perspective. In addition to course material, the student will have privileged access to the software and hardware, while also having the opportunity to completely configure a new network from scratch and test the main products and features. After completing all associated materials, lectures, practical exercises and learner knowledge assessments, a final written exam will be administered at the end of the five-day training session.

    This training and certification program is only available on demand. Reach out to and we will mutually agree on the next steps.

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