Layer 2 Over Satellite (L2oS)

Protocol Transparency through L2oS

Layer 2 over Satellite (L2oS) offers service providers the option to run an Evolution or Velocity network in an efficient Layer 2 bridging mode as an alternative to the traditional Layer 3 routing architecture.

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  • ST Engineering iDirect’s Layer 2 over Satellite approach expands flexibility. A service provider can implement a variety of converged network architectures, pass any Layer 3 protocols desired, and easily modify Layer 3 architectures after deployment. Since data transport is decoupled from the overlaying network, L2oS enables new satellite service delivery models based upon carrier-grade Ethernet and facilitates converged services so that a satellite network can behave like a mainstream access network. A service provider can empower customers to configure their own networks without worry about impacting the underlying satellite network infrastructure.

    L2oS service case opportunities include:

    • Layer 2 Ethernet Services
    • Layer 3 VPN over Layer 2
    • Disaster Recovery Backup
    • Maritime
    • Enterprise connectivity
    • Mission Critical connectivity
    • Cellular Backhaul
    L2 over Satellite
  • Benefits of L2oS

    • Transparent Layer 3 Delivery—Inherent support of protocols such as IPv4, IPv6, OSPF, BGP, and IPsec
    • More Virtual Network Options—Use physical access ports, VLAN tags, or Q-in-Q tags
    • Simplified Network Management—Reduced number of IP address assignments and less tunneling
    • Efficient Header Compression—Advanced header compression across Layers 2 to 4
    • Expanded Service Delivery—Deploy hybrid mix of Layer 2 and Layer 3 to best meet needs