iQ 800 Aero Modem Board

The iQ 800 Aero Modem Board is architected specifically for integration into commercial airborne enclosures. It provides performance, efficiency and security for reliable IP-based satellite communications on iDirect’s DVB-S2/S2X modem series with Adaptive TDMA returns.

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iQ 800 Aero Modem Board
  • Today the iQ 800 is being integrated rapidly to meet future aero requirements. The iQ 800 modem board offers full feature parity with its predecessor, the CX780, as well as immediate benefits and long-term features. The iQ 800 supports up to three times the performance and up to 50% shorter beam switch times immediately.

    The iQ 800 will support the DVB-S2X forward channel to again improve performance and generate up to 25-50% increase in efficiency and support a 15Msps ATDMA return on a future Velocity release. iQ 800 integrations will convey these continual enhancements to their own customers through proactive testing and certification now.

    Ultimately, the iQ 800 becomes a multi-personality aero modem with continuous support on Velocity and new support for the iDirect next-generation VSAT platform. The result is long-term options for network operators and service providers navigating the future needs of their customers. On our next-gen platform, the iQ 800 will offer a 475Msps DVB-S2X forward and iDirect’s award-winning Mx-DMA MRC return to the aero market.

  • The iQ 800 Aero Modem Board supports high-speed aeronautical comms-on-the-move with multiple receivers and an ATDMA transmitter featuring a powerful architecture for maximum flexibility and expansion.

    • iQ 800 Aero ModemFull feature parity with CX780 and these immediate benefits:
      • Up to 3x performance
      • 25-50% faster beam switching
      • Extended transmit frequency range
    • Integrates directly into an ARINC 600 enclosure and facilitates compliance with DO-160G and ARINC 791 standards
    • Manufactured to strict aerospace AS9100 standard for quality
    • DVB-S2 capable on Velocity up to 45Msps
    • DVB-S2X capable on Velocity up to 85Msps and on iDirect next generation VSAT platform up to 475Msps
    • Adaptive TDMA returns up to 7.5Msps on current Velocity release [with support for Spread Spectrum (SF – 2,4,8)] and 15Msps on Velocity r4.3
    • High-speed mobility features including support for OpenAMIP and OpenBMIP
    • Industry’s fastest beam switching
      • Seamless (make-before-break) beam switching
      • Fast (<2.5s) break-before-make beam switching
    • Satellite blockage mitigation and quick outage recovery
    • Supports larger and more efficient spread returns with skew angle compensation to support small, phased array antennas
    • Configurable 10/50Mhz reference for BUC and LNB
    • AES 256-bit link encryption
    • Aggregate performance currently exceeding 160Mbps UDP and 107Mbps TCP
    • Integrated Web-service-APIs for terminal integration and beam switching
    • Multi-receiver- 500MHz
    • Very efficient, reaching up to 256APSK in iDirect next generation VSAT platform