Dialog Advanced Operations

The Dialog Advanced Operations training program is typically a three-day training program where the learner will get into more detail on operational and troubleshooting aspects. This training program is available as a successor of the NCPA + NCOP training program and requires practical real life experience with Dialog networks.

  • Description

    Attendees will be able to further extend their operational knowledge and skills on VSAT networks based on Dialog hubs and terminals. Next to that, they will achieve a higher level of detail concerning the operational aspects of a Dialog network and extend their troubleshooting skills.

  • Prerequisites

    Each learner attending the Dialog Advanced Operations training and certification program shall hold a valid Dialog Certified Operations Professional or NCOP certificate.

    Next to that, the learner shall have good practical experience with Linux command line activities and have proven experience with IP network switches and router configuration, by holding an industry standard CISCO CCNA or similar certificate, or by proven field experience.

    Finally, the learner shall have at least six months of practical day to day operational experience in a life satellite network based on Dialog HUB and terminals.

  • Laptop Requirements

    Each learner attending the Dialog Advanced Operations training session must bring a laptop running Windows 7/10, administrative privileges with the firewall temporarily disabled and having installed the following software: Internet Explorer, PuTTY, WinSCP, Virtual Box or other VM ware.

  • Course Outline

    The advanced Operations training course is composed out of the following chatpers :

    • Recap – Platform overview;
    • Platform troubleshooting;
    • Network Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s);
    • Terminal troubleshooting;
    • Dialog Software Upgrade;
    • Dialog security;
    • HRC advanced troubleshooting;
    • 4CPM advanced troubleshooting;
    • Dialog scripting guidelines;
    • TICS;
    • Advanced QoS;
    • Break & Fix.
  • There are no current sessions scheduled.