Dialog Advanced Operations

The Dialog Advanced Operations training program is typically a three-day training program where the learner will get into more detail on operational and troubleshooting aspects. This training program is available as a successor of the NCPA + NCOP training program and requires practical real life experience with Dialog networks.

  • Description

    The Dialog Advanced Operations training, is a customized three to four day training that expands on the content covered during the NCOP training and certification program. More advanced troubleshooting and more complex configurations and network setups will be covered during the practical training program.

    Participants of this training & certification program must hold a valid NCOP certificate, acquired through successfull completion of the Dialog Product Associate (NCPA) and Dialog Certified Operations Professional (NCOP) certification and have practical day to day operational experience with a Dialog network.

    The course is a blended format of lectures and practical exercises oriented towards personnel responsible for second level escalations for Dialog HUB and networks. These personnel are typically responsible for assistance during complex operations and troubleshooting of a Dialog network. During the training, learners will have privileged access to the latest software and hardware released by iDirect. After completing all associated materials, lectures, practical exercises and learner knowledge assessments, a final online exam will be administered.

    The training program can be delivered at one of our training centers (public/on demand sessions) or at your premises (on demand).

    Reach out to theacademy@idirect.net for more information.


  • There are no current sessions scheduled.