Dialog Certified Implementation Professional (NCIP)

The Dialog Certified Implementation Professional is a five-day on-the-job training session, where the learner will actively participate to an onsite Dialog HUB implementation activity, joined by a ST Engineering iDirect certified NCIP engineer. By performing the implementation and integration of the Dialog HUB together, they will learn the different steps in the complete Dialog HUB integration process.

  • Description

    This training and certification program is build out of two phases.

    In a first phase, the training is oriented towards engineers responsible for the onsite installation and integration of the various Dialog HUB modules, as there are HUB6501 (1IF), HUB6504 (4IF), HUB 7208/7303 (XIF). The training and certification program is an on-the-job training program, where the learner will be part of the Dialog HUB integration team. During the training, the different aspects of the implementation will be tackled, as there are but not limited to IP and RF planning, physical installation, interconnecting RF and IP networks, basic system testing and over the air terminal commissioning and provisioning, ensuring end to end traffic flow.

    In a second phase, the learner will take the lead in a next Dialog HUB implementation program where the learner will take the lead, supported onsite by a ST Engineering iDirect certified NCIP engineer.

    After successful completion of both steps, the learner can become a NCIP certified engineer.

  • Prerequisites

    Each learner attending the Dialog Certified Implementation Professional training and certification program shall hold a valid Dialog Certified Operations Professional or NCOP certificate.

    Next to that, the learner shall have good practical experience with Linux command line activities and have proven experience with IP network switches and router configuration, by holding an industry standard CISCO CCNA or similar certificate, or by proven field experience.

  • Laptop Requirements

    Each learner attending the Dialog NCPA + NCOP training session must bring a laptop running Windows 7/10, administrative privileges with the firewall temporarily disabled and having installed the following software: Internet Explorer, PuTTY, WinSCP, Virtual Box or other VM ware.

  • Course Outline

    The NCIP program is build out of the below listed chapters :

    • Program overview – tasks and responsibilities;
    • Physical installation;
    • RF integration;
    • IP Integration;
    • Basis system configuration;
    • Basic system testing;
    • Integration closure documentation.
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