Enterprise and Broadband

Today’s enterprises are fully dependent on reliable connectivity at all corporate locations for faster, more secure transactions and improved productivity that results from the ability to share information between entities. More and more applications are moving from centralized data centre to the cloud, which required a reliable and efficient access. Corporate IT departments have to migrate traditional WAN topology to SD-WAN services that includes a mix of connectivity technology. Satellite by its high availability and reliability has become a key component in designing these intelligent cloud centric network.

The success of today’s organizations and enterprises require networks that are easy to plan, install and operate, with quick deployment for fast revenue generation and OPEX reduction.

Enterprise Broadband Connectivity
  • ST Engineering iDirect develops telco-grade satellite communications technology and solutions for broadband access services and enterprise applications, serving a wide range of markers from narrow band IoT/SCADA to high-speed cloud access and from broadband internet access to highly secure VPN/IPSec networks across many enterprise segments.

    Service providers need platforms that can scale to add new locations or applications to enable more future-proof solutions. Our solutions enable service providers to extend connectivity into previously unreachable areas, unite dispersed workforces, provide broadband access, improve productivity and safety, expand business services and gather data and sensor information. An integrated VSAT and LTE network provides a seamless backup to ensure essential business continuity.

    On a VSAT platform, different network architectures can coexist to provide service diversification. Service providers can optimize CAPEX and OPEX by offering enterprise connectivity services for multiple entities in a shared platform. This helps strike a balance among capacity, scalability, customer satisfaction and cost. Deploying forward compatible modems also ensures networks are scalable and future-proofed as LEO satellites come online and 5G networks emerge.

  • Enterprise & Hybrid Networks

    Secure, reliable connectivity is critical for global and regional businesses. Linking an institution’s headquarters, data centers and branch offices requires a network infrastructure which can ensure complete security and integrity of data and transactions, and meet corporate requirements with industry best practices. The move from privately held data center to shared cloud service requires multiple access network able to adapt quickly to the evolving needs of the corporation. Constant demand for more sites and more bandwidth to support operational data and business transactions necessitates scalability and a plan to future-proof. Additionally, innovations such as mobile applications are creating new network requirements, especially in emerging markets. 

    Business Continuity

    Many agencies and enterprises simply can’t afford to have any downtime — continuity of the network infrastructure is crucial. Because traditional terrestrial backup systems are often susceptible to the same events that can affect primary lines, mission critical systems need an alternative that can handle typical landline volumes in case of an emergency. These systems must be available anywhere and be cost competitive to alternatives. They need to work seamlessly with the rest of the landline network and handle existing and new corporate applications.

    IP Infrastructure Extension

    Enterprises are looking for ways to streamline their organizations and provide remote locations with the same level of access and identical support for business critical applications. High speed connections with central management, 24/7 network availability, high-performance delivery of voice, video and data, two-way transmission to support interactive communications, and a small equipment footprint are essentials that often cannot be provided through traditional means.

  • Broadband Access for SME, SOHO, Consumer, Community & Education

    Bridging the digital divide is a high priority for decision makers because broadband penetration has a large economic impact on a country. As a result, service obligations for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) covering the whole territory of a country or region require broadband access to extend beyond cities, to rural and remote areas. Running these services in an economically viable way is a major challenge. However, lower priced terminals mixed with dramatic reduction in bandwidth pricing due to the explosion of HTS satellite are re-invigorating this market.

    ST Engineering iDirect provides affordable two-way satellite broadband platforms that have been designed for service providers wanting to offer broadband access. We provide all necessary infrastructure to receive and transmit IP data from and to our terminals with redundancy on all layers (user, control, management), equipment, RF signal and main supply inputs. The key success factor for launching broadband services is a low customer acquisition cost and CAPEX aligned with network growth. 

    Video Collaboration

    Organizations increasingly recognize the benefits of video conferences to enable training and distance learning between locations around the world. However, many organizations are limited in their ability to benefit from these services by the lack of availability of broadband access in remote areas. Any video conferencing and streaming media in these locations must fully integrate with existing applications and infrastructure, and end-user access must be simple, straightforward, secure and cost-effective.

  • Narrowband Access for Retail, PoS, ATMs

    The flow of business and customer satisfaction depends on a reliable connectivity solution. Immediate connectivity can protect against lost revenue from terrestrial outages, provide training on demand from one central location while reducing costs, better manage pricing, promotions, and inventory from one central location, and more effectively protect assets and inventory. A network outage can bring retail transactions to a standstill, disrupting business, interrupting point of sale, and creating unhappy shoppers.

    IoT / SCADA

    Satellite VSAT can deliver simultaneous SCADA and broadband connectivity, enabling both secure, low data rate M2M communications and real-time, high-quality video backhaul or remote software upgrades. ST Engineering iDirect offers sophisticated Quality of Service (QoS) management and scalability in connection speeds which extend the SCADA connectivity beyond the typical best effort low data rate. Throughputs can instantly increase from kbps to Mbps.

  • Oil and Gas

    Energy companies rely on dependable, high speed communications to support their mission critical operations in remote environments, both as the primary communications link and as independent back-up for sites which can be served by terrestrial connectivity. The bandwidth demand for corporate and crew welfare applications must be balanced by managing congestion and prioritizing traffic.


    It is more challenging than ever to monitor, control and integrate operations using legacy communications network infrastructure yet many utility companies have yet to upgrade their large and often dispersed network and remote sites. Today’s utility companies must support operations at remote substations, improve and strengthen communications and network security, invest in smart grid initiatives to support energy conservation, and ensure businesses operate through any threat or disaster.


    The future of mining is smart and collaborative. New technology is required to operate in an environment where commodity prices and scarce resources are driving the need to lower operational costs and generate more value from existing assets. Digital technologies—including real-time data visualization, analytics, automation, and virtual and augmented reality—offer the potential for improved safety, efficiency, and profitability.

  • Easy integration into corporate networks

    Primary or back-up satellite connectivity, based on our technology, easily blends into corporate IT networks. We bring networking flexibility – using layer 3 and layer 2 networking – which is combined with our sophisticated Quality of Service management to provide easy integration into the corporate network.

    Scalable and future-proof connectivity

    Our technology allows users to address both current and future connectivity needs. Using our remote modem portfolio, any throughput requirement – from low data rate transactional connectivity to as high as hundreds of Mbps – can be easily addressed. Our latest generation of terminals can operate with GEO satellite now as well as MEO and LEO satellite of the future.

    Reliable and cost-effective services

    Our innovative satellite technologies such as DVB-S2X, Adaptive TDMA and Mx-DMA® provide unprecedented bandwidth usage efficiency, resulting in the lowest possible OPEX while at the same time assuring the best-in-class service reliability required by end-users.

    Our solution supports advanced encryption Standard (AES) and IPSec for secure connectivity solutions such as Point of Sale (POS), ATM and corporate communications.

    Advanced Quality of Service and Reliability

    Our QoS features allow for countless possibilities of quality of service levels, bandwidth management and traffic prioritization resulting in higher QoE.