Evolution® Defense

Evolution® Defense is a highly reliable, secure, and resilient platform optimized for defense and government networks. The platform consists of defense-grade products and capabilities that allow defense and government organizations to embrace the growing complexity of deploying and managing global networks for mission-critical communications.

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Evolution Defense
  • Evolution® Defense is a proven platform for both fixed and mobility applications for defense and government organizations. Our versatile defense product portfolio features high data rates and advanced mobility as well as FIPS 140-3 Level 3 (certification pending) and TRANSEC for secure voice, video, and data transmissions. Our TRANSEC solution was awarded the 2019 Top Cybersecurity Solution by the Mobile Satellite Users Association (MSUA). Our defense-grade products are also WGS certified, which gives our customers the assurance that they are working with a platform that’s been thoroughly tested, vetted and has the authority to operate (ATO) on the WGS constellation.

    The product line consists of a hub system, a network management system, operating software and a modem portfolio for security, performance and efficiency.

    • Hub System – The Tactical Hub is a cost-effective, compact and durable solution for military, COTP, first responders, disaster recovery and other field operations personnel; also works with the Universal 20-slot, 5IF hub featuring a modular approach to grow networks one at a time as demand grows
    • iVantage Network Management System – Manage complex, large-scale networks; run an efficient, reliable and high-quality operation; and continually improve customer satisfaction
    • Evolution Defense Software – this operating software delivers the latest capabilities including the highest assurance of security and the most advanced IP routing capabilities and QoS prioritization
    • Modem Portfolio – available in multiple form factors to fit any mission, from rackmount and man-portable modem board to enclosures optimized for defense aero

    Evolution 4.6 Release

    The Evolution Defense 4.6 release introduces the 450mp software-defined radio (SDR) modem. The Evolution Defense 4.6 platform incorporates improved security, including flexible key exchange for crypto-agility, strengthened transmission security (TRANSEC) and augmented Communication Signal Interference Removal™ (CSIR) technology.

  • Flexible, Efficient Core Architecture

    The hub system can connect to any frequency band on all satellite architectures. Evolution® Defense is built on DVB-S2 with ACM with Adaptive TDMA and multiple efficiency technologies to allocate bandwidth efficiently over distributed networks, while automatically adjusting to dynamic traffic demands and changing network conditions.

    Highest Assurance of Security

    Evolution Defense supports advanced military security standards, such as TRANSEC and FIPS 140-3 Level 3 (certification pending) compliance.

    Optimized for Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP)

    Compared to the 11RU 20-slot hub, the Tactical Hub solution is a lean 4RU for an overall reduction of over 50%. Our most compact board-level modem, the 450mp SDR, boasts an overall 30% SWaP reduction. Defense-grade products also meet MIL-STD 810G requirements for extreme operational conditions.

    Advanced Quality of Service and Reliability

    Our QoS technology allows for countless possibilities of quality of service levels, bandwidth management and traffic prioritization. GQoS provides network operators a significant increase in bandwidth management capabilities when prioritizing traffic for customers in a shared network environment. This results in more flexibility with traffic configuration and prioritization, more savings over conventional QoS, and improved customer service quality. Our hub diversity and redundancy and seamless network failover protects overall network integrity and delivers carrier class reliability.

    Ultra HS-COTM Defense Aero Solutions

    Our defense aero solutions are architected specifically for defense and government aircraft operations in an ultra high-speed COTM environment (as much as 1,000 mph), feature dual demodulators for make-before-break connectivity, and meet the rigorous environmental test standards for MIL-STD 810G, MIL-STD 461F, MIL-STD 704F, and DO-160G.