Life at ST Engineering iDirect

ST Engineering iDirect employees are change agents, shaping the future of how the world connects and influencing how leading satellite operators and service providers capture the future through major innovation and commitment to excellence. Regardless of your discipline, rarely a day goes by that you don’t realize the impact you have on our products, our customers, and our business.

  • Our Story

    From our beginning, ST Engineering iDirect has taken a visionary role, helping to shape the industry by breaking down long-standing technology and cost barriers.

    We have continually changed the dynamics of the satellite industry: opening new markets, putting new service providers into business, and making connectivity possible for businesses, governments, schools, hospitals and organizations. The ST Engineering iDirect team is helping improve lives and expand social opportunity across the world.

    Today, we’re in the midst of a major industry transformation. Our capacity to innovate in a time of significant change places us in an enviable position to drive industry growth – to continue our heritage of shaping the industry and leading the way to new opportunity for our customers.

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  • How Do We Do It?

    The most fulfilling work of your career is waiting for you at ST Engineering iDirect … imagine your talent and energy paired with our vision and technical leadership: the opportunities are limitless.

    • Firsthand knowledge of industry dynamics and trends
    • Dedication to industry best practices across all disciplines
    • High value on collaboration among employees, partners and customers
    • Creative problem solving
    • Continuous investment in the best team in satellite!
  • Benefits

    We understand ”benefit” can be mean different things; what’s important to one person may not be the same for their colleague sitting across the floor.  We strive to offer ways to support individual priorities in a group situation, including but not limited to paid time off, company-sponsored healthcare plans, remote work consideration, maternity and paternity leave, community service time, retirement plans, educational assistance, and fitness options specific to office locations.

    Life at iDirect
  • Global Locations

    In addition to our Herndon, VA headquarters, we have employees based throughout the world, with key office locations in Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Dubai and Singapore.

    Life at a global iDirect

Current Openings

ST Engineering iDirect currently has open career opportunities! View open opportunities here.

Shaping the Future

  • I love being a part of a stellar team that is constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries of satellite communications.

    Kevin Tobias
    Sr. Technical Services Engineer

    It’s all about diversity. Diverse people with diverse ideas, all working together as a team committed to the company success.

    Indira Becker
    Embedded Engineer

    ST Engineering iDirect is a fun place to work. The work at iDirect is interesting, challenging and engaging. I get to interact with various people from other departments and it’s interesting to get to know and work with them!

    Swetha Srinivasa Raghavan
    Sr. Project Manager, Engineering

  • What I like most about ST Engineering iDirect is that I feel our work really matters here – we’re making differences in the satellite community. This, in turn, is reflected in our excellent working environment; everyone in the company cares about what they are doing.

    Ann Kong
    Manager, Quality Systems

    I’ve been here nearly 10 years and can tell you the best part about ST Engineering iDirect is not only the brilliant people I get to work with and learn from, but being part of something as big as ensuring everyone around the world is connected.

    Gloria Kinney
    Sr. Product Marketing Manager

    The satellite industry is very exciting right now, and at ST Engineering iDirect I get the chance to engage with many leading-edge companies as we work together to build the future of global communications

    Terry Neumann
    Sr. Director, Business Development