Our Story, Our Impact, Our Vision

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For over 40 years, ST Engineering iDirect has shaped the future of how the world connects through satellite innovation. Our purpose is to make connectivity 100% available to everyone on the planet — and enable businesses, governments, and society to leverage the power of connectivity to transform how we live.

Our Impact

Shaping the Network of the Future

While we’re proud of our heritage, we’re more interested with what lies ahead. Ultimately, our goal is to help create a fully converged, globally available network of the future – one that will transform modern business and society in meaningful new ways.

What does the network of the future look like?

Breaking New Ground

Today, we are a global market leader, and our customers include some of the most ambitious companies in satellite.  We aspire to achieve new connectivity breakthroughs in the emerging new space era, backed by a global innovation powerhouse, ST Engineering. We’re leading the satellite ground segment into its next chapter, pioneering fully virtualized infrastructure and advancing the integration of ground, space, telecom, and IT. We call it New Ground. Our New Ground Innovations will continue to shape the future of how the world connects.

It takes a team of amazing people to apply ingenuity and imagination to meet the complex economic and technological challenges our customers face. Meet the people that are ushering in a new era of transformation and global expansion.