OM6000 Satellite Modulator Board

The OM6000 is a compact, small form factor modulator board that can be used in MPEG encoders with integrated modulators. It provides high speed connectivity for satellite transmissions for satellite services such as broadcast, distribution or contribution (including Digital Satellite News Gathering) of Digital TV (UHDTV/HDTV/SDTV) signals.

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OM6000 Satellite Modulator Board
  • Features of the OM6000

    Supports S2 Extensions and MODCODs up to 64APSK and is software upgradeable to the DVB-S2X standard. 

    • Msps range: 0.05 – 72 Msps
    • Frequency ranges: 950-2150 MHz (extended L-band) and 50-90 and 100-180 MHz (IF-band), selectable by a software command
    • Best in class spectral purity
    • RF Carrier ID (DVB-CID) – see options list
    • Legacy RMCP interface for backwards compatibility or JSONRPC alike management interface
    • On-board reference
    OM6000 Satellite Modulator Board