Our iVantage Network Management System (NMS) is a complete suite of software-based tools to configure, monitor and control an entire satellite network from single or multiple locations.

  • iBuilder enables rapid configuration of any size network. Whether you need to configure or modify individual remotes, groups of remotes, or the entire network, you can do it from one central location, fast.  

    Rapidly create networks of any size with automated and semi-automated tools. iBuilder dramatically simplifies and speeds the upgrade process.

    iMonitor provides valuable network activity and performance reports and in-depth views into both real-time and historical performance of the network. 

    iSite remote commissioning tool facilitates deployment of new sites quickly. 

  • Highlights

    • Easy to use, responsive GUI
    • Automatic alerts and warnings that anticipate potential network outages
    • Network performance stats per network, in route, remote, application and IP packet level
    • In-depth views into both real-time and historical performance of the network
    • Minimized troubleshooting time and network downtime
    • Extensive reporting capabilities
    • Automated tools to rapidly create networks of any size