Dialog Certified Product Associate (NCPA) + Certified Operations Professional (NCOP)

The Dialog Certified Product Associate (NCPA) and Dialog Certified Operations Professional (NCOP) is a five-day introductory course to Dialog main technologies and products. It will provide the learner with the basic skills necessary to configure, operate, manage, maintain and perform basic remote-side troubleshooting of a typical ST Engineering iDirect satellite network based on Dialog systems, while understanding and becoming familiar with all their components, functionalities and system interactions.

  • Description

    The training is oriented towards Network Operation Center (NOC) personnel working at the HUB site rather than the remote site. Typically, they are responsible for the basic configuration, operation and maintenance of the ST Engineering iDirect networks based on Dialog HUB systems.

    The course, a blended format of lectures, demonstrations and practical exercises, is presented in a clear and technical format, providing each learner with a comprehensive overview of network operations from the ST Engineering iDirect perspective.

    At the end of the training session, an online exam will be administered to check the level of understanding of the students. Upon request, the online examination can be used to acquire the NCPA (Dialog Certified Professional Associate) and NCOP (Dialog Certified Operations Professional) certificate.

    It is also the prerequisite for more advanced training courses: Dialog Advanced Operations, Dialog Certified Implementation Professional.

  • Prerequisites

    Each learner attending the Dialog Product Associate  and Dialog Certified Operations Professional training sessions should have a basic understanding of satellite communications and some familiarity with the concepts described by the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model applied to an IP network. It is strongly advised that the Satellite Communications and Data Communications introductory learning modules are reviewed before attending the course. These will be provided after registering for the class.

    Next to that, a basic user level knowledge of Linux operating system command line interface is advised, as this training will involve accessing Linux based systems. In addition to that, the learner must be comfortable over a Windows operating system and have basic software installation skills, since standard ssh, telnet and VM ware software will be installed on the laptops.

  • Laptop Requirements

    Each learner attending the Dialog NCPA + NCOP training session must bring a laptop running Windows 7/10, administrative privileges with the firewall temporarily disabled and having installed the following software: Internet Explorer, PuTTY, WinSCP, Virtual Box or other VM ware.

  • Course Outline

    The preparation of this training material is focused, in its intent, to prepare each learner with the basic ability to perform essential job functions when they return to their company or organization.

    The course is comprised of the following learning modules:

    • Dialog Introduction;
    • Dialog HUB Architecture;
    • Dialog Modem portfolio;
    • Dialog Management tools;
    • Dialog Access Technologies;
    • Dialog Satellite resources;
    • Dialog QoS Pools;
    • Dialog QoS Profiles;
    • Dialog Network Topologies;
    • Dialog Terminal provisioning and commissioning;
    • Dialog troubleshooting;
    • Dialog Break & Fix

    At the end of the training programs, students can take the online certification test. In case successful, they will be recognized for three years as Dialog Certified Operations Professional.

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