Signal Management and Monitoring Products

Signal Management and Monitoring Products help mitigate satellite interferences and improve the quality of satellite communications. The satellite network management solutions are able to detect and remove satellite signal interferences. The Signal Management and Monitoring Product line includes carrier and spectrum monitoring, interference detection and mitigation, geolocation, and satellite capacity planning.

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Signal Management and Monitoring Products
  • Communication Signal Interference Removal (CSIR™) is a real-time streaming technology that redefines the extent to which active, noise-inducing interferers can be isolated and removed from a communications signal, thus restoring the quality and integrity of the original signal. This product, available on the 4-series and 9-series, is designed to effectively mitigate a wide range of interferers from CW to Multiple Strong Interferers, without requiring any prior information on those interferers. The product can be inserted into any receive chain and mitigate unknown interference in a variety of scenarios with zero added complexity for anyone on staff.

  • Spectrum Monitoring examines frequency spectrum and can be hand-tuned to observe and measure signal levels.


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