Mobility - Land Mobility

Today, extremely thin and lightweight flat panel antenna technologies make it possible to embed satellite technology onto the roof of a bus, truck, armored car, train or RV.

Satellite technology has the power to bring a new level of on-the-road intelligence to these vehicles, transforming them into mobile access points for telematics applications for intelligent asset tracking and logistics, software updates, infotainment, VoIP calls, and maintenance reports.  Secure, global access to virtually any information anywhere you go.

  • Overview

    The ‘connected vehicle’ is an extraordinary and exciting opportunity for satellite growth, and iDirect is taking our customers there. The applications are limitless:

    • Emergency response teams leverage satellite connectivity for real-time communications from their vehicles in the wake of a hurricane or natural disaster.
    • Agricultural and construction vehicles connect to exchange the latest deployment and progress reports with crews.
    • Freight trains track each load’s precise progress in real time.
    • Luxury motor coach and train passengers enjoy uninterrupted infotainment across any terrain.
  • Highlights

    We’re leveraging our air and sea mobility expertise to expand into the land mobility market.

    Exciting work is underway with our partners to enable them to integrate small, compact boards and modem technologies into their solutions, resulting in new terminal form factors that integrate into flat panel antennas for deployment on planes, business jets, yachts and vehicles.

    This allows our customers to both lower their costs and enter promising new markets.

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