Implementation services help you to set up your network in a timely and cost-effective manner. They encompass multiple aspects as analysis, network configuration, site survey, on site installation, project management, acceptance testing.

Implementation services
  • Providing satellite services involves investment in complex technology to deliver and maintain customer commitments. It is crucial that new service is commercially available as soon as possible. By relying on ST Engineering iDirect’s implementation services, you are choosing for a professional, on-time and qualitative roll-out of the baseband solution. This guarantees a perfect conversion of your technology investment into business success.

    Our highly trained project managers will develop a project plan according to your needs in line with best practices and recognized industry standards. Our team of experienced application engineers will ensure a high quality deployment with maximum knowledge transfer at the end of the implementation.

    Implementation services result in:

    • Quick monetization of investments
    • Accurate and qualitative deployment, all correctly documented
    • Mitigating any deployment risks, resulting in predictable project costs

    Several standard implementation service packages are available, answering your specific needs. Our service can also be further tailored to your needs by adding extra, available options such as site survey or Factory Acceptance Testing for example.