OpenAMIP is an IP-based protocol that facilitates the exchange of information between an antenna controller unit and a satellite.

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  • Facilitating the Exchange of Information between the Antenna and the Router without Proprietary Coding

    The use of VSAT technology for mobility applications has expanded greatly including new advances designed to make a VSAT solution easier to implement. However, one of the early challenges for VSAT networks a requirement for custom integration of infrastructure equipment and stabilized VSAT antennas often manufactured by two different companies. After extensive work between ST Engineering iDirect and several leading stabilized antenna manufacturers to make our systems interoperable, we developed the Open Antenna to Modem Interface Protocol (OpenAMIP) protocol as an industry-wide open-source standard for antenna-router integration.

    Today, OpenAMIP is integrated into our mobility VSAT platforms and we have a formalized qualification program for satellite antenna manufacturers. Our approach for antenna integration has been so successful, ARINC adopted OpenAMIP and is incorporated as the antenna to satellite modem communications protocol in the ARINC 791 standard.

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  • OpenAMIP Features

    • An IP-based protocol facilitates the exchange of information between an Antenna Controller Unit (ACU) and a satellite, allowing the router to command the antenna without proprietary coding
    • An industry-wide, open-source standard
    • Antenna agnostic and works with all major stabilized VSAT manufacturers’ products
    • Allows maritime organizations to choose from a wider selection of hardware to best suit their needs
    • Supported manufacturers have adopted the OpenAMIP protocol and qualified their respective products

    Additional manufacturers in the implementation and testing phase to receive qualification