Multicast Overlay

Multicast Overlay enables an operator to offer broadcast and unicast services simultaneously in the most efficient manner. Multicast Fastpath allows multicast content to be segmented from core network traffic and fast-tracked through an ST Engineering iDirect modem, straight to the end-user.

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  • The Multicast Overlay implementation relies on dual receiver terminals — one receiver that can be tuned to a two-way spot beam for unicast traffic and the other tuned to a one-way broad beam for multicast traffic. The dual receiver modem can be configured to receive both two-way unicast traffic and one-way multicast.

    Multicast Fast Path (MCFP) improves multicast throughput, allowing service providers to offer more reliable and higher performing services for organizations that want to expand their use of HD broadcast, IPTV, distance learning, digital signage and other video applications.

    When Multicast Fast Path is enabled for a multicast stream, downstream multicast packets received by a modem are forwarded directly to the Ethernet by the modem firmware. This bypasses software processing on the modem resulting in much higher throughput of multicast traffic.

  • Benefits of Multicast Overlay

    • Efficient distribution of broadcast and unicast services simultaneously
    • Multicast FastPath results in much higher throughput of multicast traffic