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ST Engineering iDirect (Europe) CY NV, located in Sint-Niklaas (Belgium), is the EU Satcom Center of Excellence specializing in the development of ground segment technology and equipment for the EU. We have over 35 years of experience and have built a strong base of expertise and a dedicated team of domain specialists, close to 400 people today.

ST Engineering iDirect (Europe) CY NV has its own board of directors and is the European decision center on any matter related to EU funded programs. As a legal Belgian entity, we comply to the guidelines and conditions as put forward by the EU Commission and the Belgian Government and has officially been approved in March 2020 by the Belgian Ministry of Economy.

Our portfolio of high-value product lines and services offers a comprehensive solution set for multiple markets. We have a large installed base reaching up to 44% of the satellite modems, VSAT systems and satellite platforms inside EU government, defense, intergovernmental, first responder and NGO users. We have over 3,000 hubs deployed supporting more than a half million modems around the world and have over 100 certified strategic partners, allowing us to serve the unique needs of each region.

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2024 European Protected Waveform (EPW) – Program Progress Update

In 2023, we embarked on a groundbreaking journey with the European Protected Waveform (EPW) program, co-funded by the European Union.​

At the recent EPW meeting in EU HQ Brussels, consortium members and stakeholders presented their progress, showcasing shared commitments and collective dedication in full synergy with other EU cornerstone programs like IRIS2.

2023 European Protected Waveform (EPW) – Program Kick-Off

The kick-off of the European Protected Waveform (EPW) Consortium happened on January 26 in Brussels; this is the start of a 39-month project during which consortium members will develop and productize the waveform for use by European nations.

In this need-to-know blog, we take you through the reasons why the EPW is necessary, what the project will entail and how European countries will ultimately benefit.

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European Protected Waveform

Belgian Minister of Defense Visit

New Ground Defence White Paper


New Ground for a Converged European Secure Space Connectivity System


With the satellite industry undergoing a major transformation including new elements, capabilities, and innovations in space, this paper explores the potential that opens for government and military satellite communications (GOVSATCOM/MILSATCOM) ground segment networks and specifically for EU Space programs.


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