SatHaul-XE™ Optimization Suite integrates cellular backhaul optimization with features that include TCP acceleration with GTP optimization, IPSec specifically for mobile networks, and compression for 2G/3G/4G/LTE connectivity. Our IP based satellite communications platform is designed to deliver the highest performance, greatest efficiency and maximum opportunity for our partners.

  • In addition to meeting sheer throughput requirements along with the best possible efficiencies using DVB-S2X and Adaptive TDMA, dynamic bandwidth allocation is critical to satisfying new traffic patterns, as well as bandwidth savings such as data compression and traffic optimization through QoS and local caching — all attributes of newer generations of terminals, minimizing actual traffic that needs to go through the satellite link. Other important factors for mobile network operators are bandwidth efficiencies on the satellite link and protocol optimization. Optimizing mobile protocols to work over satellite and seemingly integrate with the MNO’s operation is essential: traffic acceleration and synchronization of OSS/BSS platforms provides meaningful advantages.

  • SatHaul-XE Features

    • Modes of Operation: Layer 2 or Layer 3
    • Quality of Service: IP QoS and TCP Weighted Fair Queuing QoS
    • Optimization Features: GTP Acceleration, Header Compression, Packet Compression, Packet Coalescing, Byte Caching, Packet Learning, IPSec with DOE
    • Redundancy: Fail-to-wire