450mp Board Satellite Modem

Introducing our first custom multi-orbit, multi-waveform software defined radio (SDR) modem, the 450mp. This modem features an innovative three board modular design: Compute (Digital) module, Radio (RF) module, and Carrier Board (optional). The modular design allows integrators to build their own carrier board, allowing for maximum flexibility in terminal design.

*The 450mp SDR is designed and manufactured by iDirect Government.

450mp Board Satellite Modem
  • Featuring a small footprint with an overall 30% reduction in overall size, weight, and power (SWaP), the 450mp SDR supports multiple orbits–geostationary, highly Elliptical orbit, medium-Earth orbit and low-Earth orbit–and a variety of waveforms all on one modem. The high-performance and secure satellite modem expands resiliency for users at the tactical edge and provides flexibility for ever-evolving missions.

  • Features of the 450mp SDR Modem

    • DVB-S2 up to 125 Msps
    • Adaptive TDMA up to 125 Msps
    • Multi-waveform and multi-orbit capable
    • Designed to meet FIPS 140-3 Level 3 and WGS