Integrated Management System

Our complete VSAT Integrated Management System (IMS) ensures end-to-end integration with your customers’ infrastructure and services, as well as providing enhanced services for guaranteeing your customers’ operations. IMS acts as a “manager of managers” for our end-to-end Dialog® VSAT solution.

It provides metrics for Quality of Service (QoS) monitoring, visualizes system availability and associated Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance, and provides operator tools for monitoring traffic distribution and congestion. Additional integration includes third party components such as RF Network Management Systems (NMSs) and integration with OSS/BSS components, etc.

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Integrated Management System
  • Integrated Management System Features

    • An end-to-end, integrated view of the total solution which provides pure element and network operational state monitoring, operational views on the service and business aspects of the entire solution
    • A single user interface that can be fully tailored to the needs of the satellite operator
    • Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security (FCAPS) Management on element, network and service level of Dialog VSAT solution
    • Sophisticated alarming and trending of monitored parameters
    • Optional modules for service-based SLA monitoring and reporting
    Dialog Integrated Management System