CX780 Integrated Modem Board

The CX780 is a high-performance mobility modem board designed specifically for the commercial aero market. The CX780 features dual DVB-S2 demodulators and two gigabit Ethernet ports, and can integrate directly into an ARINC 600 enclosure, facilitate compliance with DO-160G and ARINC 791 standards and is manufactured to strict aerospace AS9100 standard for quality. Along with ST Engineering iDirect’s advanced mobility feature set, the CX780 provides a cost-effective, scalable solution to always-on connectivity for airline passengers and crew.

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CX780 Integrated Modem Board
  • Features of the CX780

    • Supports DVB-S2/ACM and Adaptive TDMA
    • Dual DVB-S2/ACM receivers
    • Supported on iDirect Velocity®
    • Star topology
    • Fast beam switching
    • Spread spectrum returns
    • Skew angle compensation
    • OpenAMIP® support
    • 256-bit AES link encryption
    • DO-160G, ARINC 791, and AS9100 standards