Global Bandwidth Management

Global Bandwidth Management enables satellite operates to manage a single bandwidth pool across a large coverage area spanning multiple spot beams.

  • Global Bandwidth Management (GBWM) consists of Quality of Service (QoS) management features that allow for bandwidth partitioning into multiple service tiers across the entire payload, managing contention among service providers and end-customers. A satellite operator offering managed bandwidth can create sub-networks and groups of remotes based on Mbps with various levels of service plans.

    Global Bandwidth Management
  • Benefits of Global Bandwidth Management

    Operator flexibility to restrict a service offering to certain geographic areas or times of the day and manage congestion and optimize fill rates with features such as:

    • Load Balancing
    • Service Scheduling
    • Geoscope
    • Fair Access Policy (FAP)

    Multiple spot beams can be grouped into Global Service Plans (GSP) and further partitioned into sub GSPs for different service providers. Each service provider can be in control of setting their own service parameters and divide its bandwidth pool further into subscriber service plans for their offerings to end-customers.