Quota Manager

Quota Manager (QM) provides the ideal monetization tool for ISPs by providing a cost-effective, flexible and high-performance policy management solution. To effectively serve the end consumer as well as effectively manage and monetize the services delivered, ISPs need to consider the Service offering – the ability to offer time and volume based data services; Service enforcement – the automatic change of policy based on existing subscriptions; and Service monetizing – the ability to generate events for invoicing and billing.

There are commercial-off-the-shelf products available for these areas, however, most of these products are designed with terrestrial internet service in mind. Considering the lower number of subscribers for an ISP using satellite as the channel, the price per subscriber for these solutions can too high. Combine this with the high maintenance costs, these products often become unviable for satellite based ISPs.

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Quota Manager
  • Quota Manager Features

    • Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) or Pay as you grow model
    • Flexibility of Offer management
    • Daily, weekly or monthly bill cycles
    • Overlapping policies
    • Day-of-the-week or Time-of-the-day policies
    • Accounting interface
    • Full-fledged accounting interface to provide UDRs (Usage Data Records) for third party billing platforms
    • Lower implementation and maintenance costs
    • Ready integration with Dialog leads to low implementation costs
    • Single application providing accounting, usage, offer & policy management functions i.e. lower integration costs
    • REST API based integration with OSSBSS systems
    Quota Manager