Connected World Series: Space + Terrestrial The 5G Journey 2021

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Connected World Series: Space + Terrestrial The 5G Journey 2021

Join Semir Hassanaly, Head of Market Development for Cellular Backhaul and Trunking at ST Engineering iDirect, on June 8 at 14.00 BST for his presentation: Space  + Terrestrial: New Ground for 5G convergence.  In this session he will uncover the most important advances and how innovative ground technology is set to enable new applications in satellite 5G.


The satellite industry is innovating as never before. The future will see the launch of new, mega multi-orbit constellations, promising thousands of terabits of high-speed capacity. But the innovation is not just happening in space. It’s happening here, on the ground. We are on the cusp of new opportunities that will align our industry with 5G and cloud-based architectures to fuel cost-effective delivery of seamless and ubiquitous connectivity, bringing us together on a whole new level.  5G is fueling like never before the progress in bringing terrestrial and space closer together. The integration with 5G is leading the convergence of new technologies, new approaches and true determination from ground segment players to make sure they can provide the framework and the infrastructure to bring about these ambitious plans. That’s why the satellite industry, including ST Engineering iDirect, is transforming the fabric of satellite networks to better align with 5G standards, making it easier to adopt and sell satellite services in the 5G future.


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Dates: June 8, 2021 - June 8, 2021
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