August 23, 2017

The Path to Higher Performance: Making HTS and DVB-S2X Networks Mobile

Making HTS and DVB-S2X Networks Mobile

This is the final part of a five-part series about harnessing HTS and DVB-S2X to its fullest potential and being ready for the future of our industry. Click here to read the whole series.

To be prepared for the new changes happening in our industry, for new applications, new end-user markets, making networks mobile will be vital point of emphasis for staying agile for upcoming growth opportunities.

Combining HTS with mobility applications presents a major challenge when it comes to managing complex SLAs across a large coverage area that spans multiple spot beams. Consider a scenario where hundreds of airplanes or maritime vessels demand different bandwidth levels as they travel frequently across spot beams and distribute bandwidth to diverse users onboard running dynamic applications without major service interruptions.

5-considerations-HTS-S2X-blog5-make-it-mobileMeeting the needs of mobility networks requires several specialized technologies. Look for a platform with a robust feature that can enable seamless connectivity in a high-speed mobility environment. This includes the ability for fast beam switching with no manual intervention across multiple satellite footprints in a high-speed environment. Internet sessions should not be interrupted as the plane moves through several beams on a flight. Features such as Doppler compensation, fast reacquisition after blockage and make-before-break are all working in sync to increase the seamless user experience.

In the future, ensuring seamless and consistent global coverage will require provider-to-provider service roaming. A ground infrastructure provider should therefore have a plan to offer this capability – enabling a customer to roam from a home network to a guest network while maintaining home service plans.

iDirect provides advanced mobility capabilities so that fast-moving remote terminals can automatically cross multiple spot beams within a short period of time, while maintaining a seamless IP session.

Learn more about our mobility solutions.

Every ground infrastructure platform decision you make today plays a critical role in determining tomorrow’s success. Read the new Five Considerations for Choosing a HTS/DVB-S2X Platform white paper for a comprehensive guide on the most critical points to start considering today.

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