May 26, 2020

Backhaul Solutions Designed for the Connected Future

When it comes to backhaul solutions, mobile network operators are looking for efficiency, performance, flexibility and scalability. They want a reliable service to easily extend connectivity to rural sites and integrate seamlessly within their terrestrial network. Cost efficiencies are also key to connect the lower average revenue per user (ARPU) regions that cannot afford costly buildouts. They need to meet the scale requirements of large point-to-multipoint networks and support the throughput demands of high-speed trunking.

ST Engineering iDirect is a leader in satellite ground infrastructure and solutions for the cellular backhaul and trunking market. We currently empower the world’s largest satellite cellular backhaul operational network and have deployed 80+ mobile backhaul networks. Our proven backhaul solutions include:

Newtec Dialog: A multiservice platform for every market and network requirement. Prepare for tomorrow’s growing backhaul market today with Dialog’s MX-DMA, a benchmark in performance and efficiency.

iDirect Evolution: A platform featuring a dynamic feature set, making it highly flexible and capable of handling diverse market needs, including those of the growing satellite backhaul market.

ST Engineering iDirect’s tested backhaul solutions are helping customers succeed in extending their networks to reach new markets today and in the future. See how our customers are finding success with our backhaul solutions here:

With the aid of satellite connectivity, service providers can work with mobile network operators to power a more connected future.

Learn more about the future of backhaul and how you can be a part of this growing opportunity by registering for our webinar, “Changing the Landscape of Satellite Cellular Backhaul.