Newtec Dialog®

Newtec Dialog® is a scalable and flexible multiservice satellite communications platform that allows service providers to access a wide range of markets, manage operational and capital costs effectively and create unique value for customers. Dialog provides the scalability and flexibility required to run successful, very efficient satellite networks and allows satellite service providers to build and adapt their network easily as their business grows setting them up for long-term growth and success.

Newtec Dialog®
  • Newtec Dialog® delivers efficiency, flexibility and scalability and its latest release continues to break through technology barriers. In addition to achieving the industry’s highest return rates in shared bandwidth networks , Dialog 2.2.3 release includes several key features:



    • Fastest returns in shared bandwidth networks, achieving up to 200 Mbps on return link on MDM5010s
    • Use of efficient DVB-S2X and Mx-DMA technologies resulting in 600 Mbps aggregate throughput per modem
    • More TCP sessions and embedded acceleration for Quality of Experience (QoE)
    • Low jitter for real-time applications


    • Full range of MODCODs for different link conditions to now include VL-SNR
    • Enhanced ACM algorithm to optimize user experience


    • L2oS optimization for ease of network expansion
    • Better browsing user experience with L2 TCP acceleration for 1000s of broadband sites
  • Newtec Dialog® provides the scalability, flexibility and efficiency required to run successful operations over satellite. Dialog is built for flexibility allowing the service provider to address multiple markets by optimizing the usage of infrastructure and satellite capacity. The scalability of the Dialog platform allows service providers to easily adapt Dialog to their specific needs. End users can be served with the optimal Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the right price. Efficiency is defined both at operational and technology level in the Dialog platform. Service providers can select the best transmission technology for their particular application.

    The product line consists of a scalable hub system, a network management system, operating software and a DVB-S2/DVB-S2X remote portfolio for very high levels of performance and efficiency as well as investment protection.

    • Dialog Hub System – Modular, very flexible baseband and core hub systems in various sizes allowing customers to operate a shared bandwidth platform spanning multiple satellites, bands, transponders and topologies from small networks, with five remotes, up to the largest networks, having hundreds of thousands of remotes, from single coverage to multisport
    • Dialog Network Management System – Manage small and complex networks, featuring APIs for easy expansion and added flexibility
    • Dialog Software – Operating software releases deliver the latest efficiency and high-performance features from narrowband to high throughput rates
    • Modem Portfolio – A versatile modem portfolio providing the right performance and applications-specific characteristics for a wide range of applications. Featuring highly efficient waveforms with DVB-S2X and a highly efficient return path technologies: SCPC, MF-TDMA and the best of two worlds, Mx-DMA
  • Flexible, Efficient Core Architecture

    The hub system can connect to any frequency band on all satellite architectures. Dialog is built on DVB-S2/S2X with FlexACM, and Clean Channel Technology in the forward link to allocate bandwidth efficiently over distributed networks, while automatically adjusting to dynamic traffic demands and changing network conditions. On the return path the different waveforms can be chosen based between SCPC, MF-TDMA and patented Mx-DMA.

    Modular Design for Scalability

    The modular hub system enables operators and service providers to minimize initial capital costs, offer multiple service types from a central hub, and scale business one network at a time in a “pay as you grow” manner. Networks can be scaled from five to +100,000 terminals. Advanced Network Management System capabilities with GUI and extensive open API support allow for ease of use which growing your network.

    Reliable and cost-effective services

    Our innovative satellite technologies such as DVB-S2X, SCPC and Mx-DMA provide unprecedented bandwidth usage efficiency, resulting in the lowest possible OPEX while at the same time assuring the best-in-class service reliability required by end-users.


    Our solution supports advanced encryption Standard (AES) and IPSec for secure connectivity solutions such as Point of Sale (POS), ATM and corporate communications.

    Advanced Quality of Service

    Our QoS technology allows for 7 hierarchical QoS management with countless possibilities of quality of service levels resulting in higher QoE. QoS provides network operators a significant increase in bandwidth management capabilities when prioritizing traffic for customers in a shared network environment.