March 2, 2020

Satellite 2020

This year, the Satellite show means a great deal to us as it will be our first major event as a new, unified company with our feature-rich portfolio that can match the right technology to the right business at the right cost, no matter what your requirements.

This is an exciting time for ST Engineering iDirect as we offer a magnitude of change in market access that enables our customers to move far into the future.

We are setting a new benchmark for performance – enabling our technology to go above and beyond in performance, efficiency and scalability, exceeding expectations. We are enabling interoperability to secure the future – offering adaptable, hybrid solutions that give our customers the competitive advantage in a converged world. We are unlocking new applications – providing customers with access to new markets and revenue streams.

Satellite 2020 - ST Engineering iDirectIt’s widely acknowledged as the industry’s most significant annual event, the show where the tone is set for the rest of the year, and where the trends are defined and innovations showcased. Satellite 2020 is almost upon us and, with a keynote from none other than Elon Musk to look forward to, it’s going to be a fascinating one.

We’re set to gain more insight on the direction that the industry is heading, and though it’s a time of uncertainty and change, it’s also exciting.

We’re anxiously awaiting the rise of NGSOs as the ground infrastructure is the enabler of service delivery across these new orbits and we will leverage them to open new revenue streams and enable customers to use different applications to take advantage of the opportunity. The insight that Satellite 2020 will provide is invaluable as we endeavor to discover the answers to some crucial questions. What will the LEO operator’s business models entail? Is GEO on the demise? How far away are we from a sustainable flat panel antenna that will be able to transform mobility of satellite communications and enable LEO connectivity?

Then there’s the promise of 5G – will it propel satellite from a niche technology into a much more mainstream entity. Telecom companies will look to LEO, MEO and GEO to access additional endpoints due to satellite’s interoperability with 5G. By embedding satellite technology into their networks, it will look no different to their existing operational network.

Our goal is to deliver highly intelligent ground network that integrates all types of capacity, handles massive scale and delivers superior connectivity to the right application at the right cost.

Satellite 2020 - ST Engineering iDirectWe will take our customers with us and we know they are just as excited about this transformation because the seamless adoption of new technologies means they have built upon their investments, not replaced them, and they can then drive their next generation business services.

As a team, we are very much looking forward to the opportunity to see all our associates together in one place. The meetings we have at the show are unlike a traditional customer meeting, because we really talk about what’s happening in the industry. It stimulates different topics of conversation as we are all immersed in conference panels that highlight the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. You have the chance to ask questions that don’t come out in any other discussions or press releases.

Most importantly, it’s about the personal level. The connection with the customers. The networking. When it comes down to it, our business is all about people and the Satellite show gives us the opportunity to continue to build relationships and to start new ones. It’s all about bringing the people together, sharing the knowledge, sparking up new ideas.

During the event, you will have the opportunity to hear from our leadership team on a variety of hot topics, including:

  • Very High-Throughput Satellite (VHTS) Systems: Capabilities, Standards, and Design with Jo De Loor, March 10 at 3pm in Room 146C
  • Hybrid Satellite-Based Solutions for Maritime Market Profitability with Andrew Faiola, March 11 at 3pm in Room 146C
  • Executive Roundtable: Ground Systems CEO’s Five-Year Tech Forecast with Kevin Steen, March 12 at 9am in Room 146 A/B
  • WTA’s Teleports and Big Data with Thomas Van den Driessche, March 12 at 1:45pm, location TBA
  • Enabling Mobile Streaming UltraHD/8K Video & SNG with Jo De Loor, Thursday March 12, 10.15am – 11.15am, Unveiled Theater, Booth 1226

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See you in Washington! We’re looking forward to welcoming you!