May 19, 2019

Get the Most Out of Your iDirect Network with Evolution® 4.1.3

iDirect Evolution 4.1.3

Evolution 4.1.3 software is the go-to release to round out the advanced capabilities of iDirect’s iQ Series remotes. With enhanced network performance, efficiency and flexibility to run DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X networks, network operators and service providers can ensure that they maximize their networks to best meet customer needs.

Greater Performance and Efficiency

Evolution 4.1.3 introduces 16QAM modulation in Adaptive TDMA for the iQ Series remotes for bandwidth efficiency savings of up to 30%. A new license for the iQ 200 Series allows the remotes to achieve industry-leading upstream data rates up to 40 Mbps with 16QAM. On the downstream, the iQ Series remotes support DVB-S2 as well as DVB-S2X up to 256APSK MODCOD pushing throughputs to 200 Mbps and above.

The iQ Series represents the ultimate balance of speed and efficiency to serve growing fixed and mobility markets that demand a cost-effective and high-performance solution. This includes land mobility, enterprise, cellular backhaul, and maritime markets.

Higher Security

256-bit AES link encryption and Multicast Fast Path encryption is supported for all iQ Series remotes for secure, reliable transmission of data.

Expanding Remote Portfolio

This release will also provide software support for the highly anticipated iQ LTE Series remotes coming in Q3 this year. The iQ LTE Series combines DVB-S2/DVB-S2X satellite with 4G-LTE connectivity for a powerful converged solution applicable to numerous hybrid applications. iDirect’s Senior Director of Vertical Market Solutions, Chris Boyd, spoke about key iQ LTE hybrid use cases in Satellite Mobility World.

Contact your iDirect Sales representative to upgrade to Evolution 4.1.3 today to get the most out of your iDirect network!