VSAT Within Reach

Internet at sea was unthinkable just a few years ago. And as industries go, Maritime isn’t known for adapting quickly.

Service Providers working with the limitations of technology, physics and cost have continually delivered the next best connection to their seafaring customers.

Happily, for Service Providers serving smaller vessels, recent big improvements in VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminals) technology radically change the considerations when comparing VSAT to other connectivity options.

True broadband connectivity to 12-to-24-meter coasters, trawlers, and tugboats, as well as sun-seeking leisure boaters, is now within reach.

Apply Global Experience to Your Quality of Service

ST Engineering iDirect is the global leader in advanced mobility to the Maritime sector. We support the biggest Service Providers in the world. Now regional SPs can learn from our experience to develop new and more certain revenue streams by offering their customers true broadband connectivity. Get connected with more information.

Maritime Service Providers, welcome to VSAT Within Reach.

New, smaller antennas that are more affordable, easier to install and manage, and capable of vastly more throughput.

New managed services offer even further value for operational, crew and passenger connectivity.

New, smaller antennas that are more affordable, easier to install and manage, and capable of vastly more throughput.

Cargo Barge

Powerful Connectivity

A satellite space segment revolution in the form of High-Throughput Satellites (HTS) has transformed the power and precision coverage we can offer at sea.

Satellite operators today operate multi-layered, often global, and soon-to-be multi-constellation networks.

These more powerful beams and high-power capacity allow for smaller antenna sizes to be as effective as larger ones. 

Offer A Truly Broadband Experience

Loved ones and bills to pay do not go away despite being at sea. Whether a bulk carrier crew needs to stay connected to home or a leisure boater wants to stream a movie, part of their daily lives is decidedly digital.

Service Providers are moving to deliver Broadband as a fundamental utility necessary to function in life today. Thanks to VSAT, that’s within reach.

Best Quality of Experience

Service Providers will quickly and easily provision immensely more value at less cost. They will give more reliability without headaches. VSAT is now affordable. Antennas are smaller and easier to install, but VSAT connectivity delivers powerful throughput.

Designed with Simplicity in Mind

The world is remarkably changed. Service providers need the best tools to engage their customers and maintain their loyalty.

Advances in VSAT technology, such as 45-60cm terminals that can be carried on by the crew or passengers and installed without the need of additional tech support.

Creative managed services options make it easier to choose a plan with stable monthly costs and rapidly get up and running. 

Let’s connect…

Are you a Maritime Service Provider ready to lower your customers’ total cost of ownership while enabling them with true broadband connectivity?

Email to schedule a short, consultative call to help you figure out what your next steps might be. And, in the meantime, check out our blog on the benefits of the new, small class of antennas:

Small Antennas Pack a Big Punch

VSAT is within reach. Service Providers can provide true broadband for every vessel. Small vessel end-users all deserve – and will very soon expect – fast, reliable connectivity.

ST Engineering iDirect is the leading maritime connectivity technology partner to the satellite industry.

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