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Direct-To-Home (DTH)

The MCX8000 Multi-Carrier Satellite Gateway has the right features for squeezing the maximum throughput out of the available bandwidth, whether using the DVB-S, DVB-S2, or DVB-S2X standard. It supports SMPTE 2022-7 Seamless Protection Switching providing reliable transport stream delivery. Thanks to its slotted based architecture, the MCX8000 system provides a 3-in-1 solution. It is designed to reduce down-time and simplify operational support costs with two hot-swappable modem modules that can be added or removed without any special tools or affecting the operation of the other slot, hot-swappable power supply units and an integrated 1+1 redundancy switch.

Direct-To-Towers and Headends

The MCX8000 ideally fits as a satellite front-end feeding multiple IRDs (Integrated Receiver Decoders). The MCX8000 receives multiple MPEG-2 transport streams from a single or multiple saturated transponder(s) using DVB-S2X. It then extracts those transport streams and feeds them over ASI or IP into the existing installed base of IRDs. One MCX8000 can be used for tens of TV channels. In case older IRDs have no ASI or IP input, the MCX8000 can even transmodulate the DVB-S2X multistream carrier into a traditional DVB-S/DVB-S2 single stream carrier.

IP Content Distribution

The benefits of broadcasting over satellite networks for content distribution are well known for scale and quality of experience. Now broadcasters can leverage multicast to expand their portfolio to include IP-based video content models, including OTT.  Designed for the future of broadcasting, the MCX8000 is a DVB Native IP compliant solution capable of efficiently multicasting OTT content over satellite with IP encapsulation rates of over 300 Mbps across multiple carriers. It offers ultra-fast, low latency delivery of  live and on-demand video and files to mobile devices and large screens for a global audience. ST Engineering iDirect and its partners have developed a cutting-edge mABR end-to-end ecosystem called SKYflow, capable of origination, transport and reception of live and on demand OTT content over satellite.  As part of the SKYflow ecosystem, the MCX8000 is a standalone solution that takes care of the encapsulation of the mABR video over MPE and provides the choice to modulate DVB-S2 or DVB-S2X. 

MCX8000 for DTH
MCX8000 for DTT
MCX8000 for IPCD

New Hardware Architecture

  1. Removable front panel
  2. Hot-swappable power supply units
  3. Hot-swappable modem boards (up to 2 modulators/board)
  4. Integrated 1:1 redundancy switch (ASI, IF, L-Band and RF)
  5. Optional ASI interfaces (Up to 4 per board, 8 per RU)

New front panel design & GUI dashboard view

  • Brand new front panel with front to back cooling inlets to support the density and flexibility of our MCX8000 hot-swappable modules.
  • Streamlined GUI dashboard to simplify the configuration and monitoring of the solution and reduce overall operational complexity.

hot swappable
design and functionality

  • Available in Single Modem Board, Dual Modem board and Dual Modem board + redundancy configuration
  • Highest system reliability and service uptime through robust design and industry leading redundancy solutions
  • Up to four 133 Msps carriers to be modulated with full support of the DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-S2X and DVB NIP satellite standards
  • Future-proof design combining video and IP multiservice capabilities, supports transport of today's and tomorrow's services using the new
  • Multi-stream reception and transmission (16 streams in modulator)


MCX8000_single board
  • One modem board
  • Up to 2 modulators per RU
  • Equivalent to one or two M6100 devices
  • With TSoIP and ASI interfaces
  • Tool-less hot swappable modem and PSU boards
  • Two modem boards
  • 1 or 2 modulators per board with 4 modulators total per RU
  • With TSoIP and ASI interfaces
  • Equivalent to 1-4 M6100 devices
  • Tool-less hot swappable modem and PSU boards
MCX8000_dual board + redundancy
  • Two modem boards
  • One modulator per board & integrated 1+1 redundancy configuration
  • Equivalent to 2 M6100 devices + USS in 1+1 redundancy
  • Tool-less hot swappable modem and PSU boards


ST Engineering iDirect’s MCX8000 Multi-Carrier Satellite Gateway has been honored as Hardware Infrastructure winner in the 2023 NAB Show Product of the Year Awards. This official awards program recognizes some of the most significant and promising new products and technologies showcased by exhibitors at NAB Show.

"The MCX8000 is a future-proof system that combines video and IP multiservice capabilities to support the transport of todays’ and tomorrows’ services, offering easy configuration, higher availability to broadcasters and hot swappable design resulting in lower OPEX."
Alex Beach - Head of Media and Broadcast
"We have designed the MCX8000 as a 3-in-1 solution with high density and hot swappable modular components. It provides our customers with the capability to operate with high availability and reliability which results in minimal downtime and operational costs."
Rami Moussawi - Sr. Product Manager