During this three-day training program, the learner will get a good understanding of the used technologies in a usual IP over satellite connection using point to point IP modems. The learner will get all hands-on experience by using the Newtec MDM6000 IP modem for building IP connectivity over satellite. The trainee will be able to perform basic configurations including the configuration of efficiency improvement techniques like, but not limited to, FlexACM and Equalink.

  • Description

    The MDM6000 course is a three day program that features in depth training on   the technologies in a standard IP over Satellite network.

    This course is intended as a basis for personnel responsible for designing and/or configuring, operating, maintaining and/or installing IP transport networks using ST Engineering iDirect equipment at a practical equipment level.

    Upon completing this course, trainees will be able to operate the ST Engineering iDirect MDM6000 IP modem and perform the first line analysis and troubleshooting activities. They will also be able to support the usage of the ST Engineering iDirect MDM6000 IP modem within their network.

    This course is available on demand only. Contact to schedule this course.

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