December 13, 2023

Building your Satcom Fortress

For any defense network the main concern is security

Threats today come from both symmetric and asymmetric counterparts and these threats are becoming more severe – and more commonplace. Security and resiliency are essential to maintain the flexibility and agility of defense networks.

We must think about the network as a fortress, with ramparts and sentries, a moat, drawbridge, outer and inner walls and a keep, delivering multiple layers of resiliency to keep bad actors at bay. In terms of security, think about it like slices of Swiss cheese. There may be holes, but if the different slices are built up, one on top of the other, the holes can be plugged. This can be realized through a fully integrated approach, encompassing multiple layers of security and resiliency to facilitate seamless operation, maximum end-user experience and information assurance.

Networks today comprise a mixture of military and commercial satellites with global coverage, including the polar regions. There are a range of different assets on offer, consisting of satellite and terrestrial links, handhelds, and it is important that all applications can be managed as a unified communications system. We realize this this is highly complex environment and that technical experts are not always available to manage them. To help address this challenge, we have developed an approach called Resilient Integrated Solutions (RIS). We provide a suite of solutions that integrate key capabilities into a highly secure, tailored technology offering for military customers. Working with our partners, we can offer a range of solutions to meet customer needs such as integrated terminals, on-the-move solutions, manpacks and mobile gateways.

To heighten resilience, we also adopt the PACE approach: Primary, Alternative, Contingency, Emergency, which increases availability and user experience by adding additional networks and satellite capabilities when they are needed. By offering multiple options to a battlefield commander, vital information can be accessed in a timely manner. For example, if a fixed gateway is a target, so redundancy can be provided by switching to a mobile gateway if it is compromised, or if a network fails, the user can switch between terminals, waveforms and satellites.

However, to do all of the above, you need the right ground assets.

Evolution of Evolution Defense

The Evolution Defense platform is the industry leading, proven platform and renowned for its mobility, resiliency, and security capabilities. It is a true illustration of a satcom fortress and employs a layered approach that enables the user to counter a variety of threats. The latest version, Evolution Defense 4.6, features many enhancements including Communication Signal Interference Removal (CSIR™), a real-time streaming technology designed to effectively mitigate a wide range of interferers from CW to Multiple Strong Interferers, without requiring any prior information on those interferers.

Make sure your future is secure …

Watch our webinar, Building Your Satcom Fortress, to learn how you can ensure a secure and resilient defense network.

Webinar Building Your Satcom Fortress