July 1, 2020

Utilizing Satellite for All-IP Networks – A Match Made in Broadcasting Heaven!

Boosting SNG via All-IP Networks

Register Now - Boosting SNG via All-IP NetworksAs uncertainty continues as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, broadcasters need solutions that will help boost efficiency, performance and business potential as a new era looms. Applications and technology are evolving on a variety of different levels and today’s audiences expect to see and hear about newsworthy events immediately, as they are happening. This means newsrooms have to take stories as they happen fresh from the scene and straight to the viewer with little lag time. However, the outbreak has negatively impacted Outside Broadcasting (OB), primarily as a result of the lack of live sports broadcasts and newsgathering, with SNG trucks parked up waiting for some sort of normality to return.

Return on the horizon

But sports and events broadcasting will come back. Creating a feeling of immediacy and of being there, the live experience has become an essential ingredient for broadcast networks everywhere. And with this return now on the horizon, SNG operators and broadcasters have a great opportunity to come back stronger, with revitalized SNG vehicles.

The OB or SNG truck has become increasingly sophisticated as time has moved on, enabling broadcasters and news agencies to get to the scene rapidly, to set up and start broadcasting within minutes and to deliver their broadcast back to the studio via a contribution link. This is a result of the advent of IP and the internet – enabling broadcasters to utilize a mix of technologies of multiservice communications links.

This ability to use multiple networks, such as 3G and 4G or Ka- and Ku-band satellite, is essential for broadcasters – a contribution link alone is no longer sufficient. OB operators require access to phone lines, the Internet, email and file transfer services. The key to all-IP newsgathering is successful transmission, with satellite being at the heart of this.

Satellite in action

The role of satellite is significant due to its innate and unique ability to deliver content to a large geographical area, anywhere on the planet and far beyond the reach of any terrestrial network.

In all-IP newsgathering, satellite has already proved its worth. During the Copa America football event last year, Casablanca Online, a leading Brazilian SNG and service provider, needed a reliable and cost-effective solution. Powered by our Newtec Dialog®, SES’ OU Flex solution provided IP connectivity to broadcasters’ outdoor production teams at the Morumbi Stadium São Paulo where a Copa America game was held between Chile and Peru. Combining live video transmission and IP connectivity via satellite, the OU Flex enabled both data and video applications for Occasional Use (OU) services.

The solution was integrated into Casablanca Online’s existing Satellite News Gathering (SNG) Trucks via our MDM3310 broadband modem, which requires significantly less investment compared to other technologies. This enabled a two-way connection between the stadium and the studio, providing greater flexibility to facilitate remote production and distribute video content to online platforms. As a result, Casablanca Online was able to provide guaranteed and glitch-free IP connectivity over a 40 Mbps link, allowing the field teams to operate optimally.

What are you waiting for?

All-IP newsgathering provides a very flexible solution that enables reliable broadcasts and reduces overall costs. Scalability in geography and volume is also enabled by the IP-based transmission, creating endless options for content distribution across the globe.
Satellite is too often overlooked in the broadcast world, as many still consider it an expensive option and perhaps even consider it latent, but it is time to start busting some of these myths. Our new webinar will do exactly that – providing exclusive insight and enabling you to begin your own All-IP journey.

During the webinar Hans Massart, Head of Media and Broadcast at ST Engineering iDirect will be joined by Jonathan Higgins, Managing Director at satellite consultancy, BeaconSeek and Steve Bretherick, Technical Director, Telemedia, South Africa and they will:

  • Explore the ways in which the broadcast industry is gradually moving towards an IP-enabled future
  • Reveal how an SNG vehicle may be cost-effectively and easily converted to All-IP
  • How All-IP capabilities enable broadcasters to drive efficiency, performance and reduce OpEx, resulting in a transformation in remote production
  • Offer you the opportunity to pose your questions to the experts

Save your seat now for the ‘Boosting SNG via All-IP Networkswebinar on July 15 at 09.30 ET / 15.30 CET. Register here.