The demand for connectivity is growing at rapid pace. And today, we’re seeing major growth in core satellite markets – and new markets are opening up to what we can deliver.

Join ST Engineering iDirect subject matter experts for the latest insights on key market trends, requirements and solutions navigate your path forward to new market opportunities.


Mobility: Aero and Maritime

The mobility market is hot! And airline and maritime operators are pursuing major VSAT upgrades – with a long list of new requirements that follow. Learn how you can speed forward to capture the growing opportunities in aero and maritime.

Presenters: Steve Moses, Senior Director Aero Vertical Market Vertical, Anthony Pego, Director Maritime Vertical Market Vertical

Duration: 27 minutes


Cellular Backhaul & 5G

Learn about mobile backhaul trends and solutions for 3G/4G/LTE and how you can reach new markets and deliver cost-effective solutions to your customers. And, see how ST Engineering iDirect is fostering satellite 5G integration.

Presenters: Savyon Wasser, Director, Vertical Markets, Chris Boyd, Senior Director, Vertical Markets & Strategic Initiatives 

Duration: 52 minutes


Enterprise & Government

Gain insight on the latest enterprise applications and how ST Engineering iDirect’s new offerings – including the iQ LTE Series – can help service providers generate new services and increase service revenues.

Presenters: Savyon Wasser, Director, Enterprise & Cell Backhaul Markets, Chris Boyd, Senior Director, Vertical Markets

Duration: 28 minutes


Military & Defense

Hear the latest insight on key market trends, requirements and ST Engineering iDirect’s robust defense product portfolio solutions to solve any network or connectivity challenges you may face.

Presenter: Tim Winter, Managing Director, Defence & Government Networks

Duration: 42 minutes