ONE OCEAN Expedition

Our Impact on Our Oceans

The impact of human activities is becoming increasingly evident in our oceans. Climate change, marine pollution, unsustainable extraction of resources and destruction of habitats is irrevocably damaging our planet’s marine environment. However, this impact of humans on the oceans, seas and marine resources can be reduced through a more sustainable use of resources and changes in behavior.

The UN acknowledges that: “The use of science, data and technology is critical to underpin governance reforms and shape management decisions.” Real-time connectivity becomes the link that provides critical information on the maritime environment, enabling in-depth monitoring and data gathering, enabling the industries that operate out in the oceans to be more efficient and sustainable in their work through improved communications.

The key to that connectivity is satellite technology, which provides a communications link anywhere on the planet, no matter how remote.

Raising Awareness with
the Statsraad Lehmkuhl and

ONE OCEAN Expedition

At ST Engineering iDirect, we have a long heritage in the delivery of connectivity solutions for the maritime sector. We understand this unique environment and we are helping to reinforce the message of sustainability through our solutions that deliver the high performance, efficiency, and bandwidth management that is required to improve connectivity at sea.

We were given a golden opportunity to play a key role in enabling this sustainable environment with our partners, Telenor Maritime and Eutelsat, to provide real-time connectivity for the ONE OCEAN expedition aboard the magnificent Statsraad Lehmkuhl. 

Providing All-Important
Real-Time Connectivity

The ship is equipped with modern instrumentation and will collect high-quality data of ocean physics, chemistry and biology continuously throughout the journey. It will also serve as a floating university, bringing crews of students and young leaders together at different legs. High-level meetings and public events will happen during port visits.

Real-time connectivity is key to the success of the mission. This immediate access to data, video and stories from the ship will serve to inspire and engage not only scientists but also citizens for ocean-based action towards sustainable development worldwide. This is where ST Engineering iDirect’s technology comes in.

The ship’s satellite communications systems are supported by our Newtec Dialog platform and our MDM3310 modem.

Our Head of Mobility, Andrew Faiola, joined the ship for a few days to learn more about climate change and our impact on the oceans, and to gain first-hand experience with VSAT connectivity at sea.

He experienced the crew life from sleeping in a hammock to climbing the rigging and also experienced the challenges of cellular connectivity when at sea with the more reliable satellite links reserved for mission critical crew communications.

Read his blog here

Stay tuned to find out more about the voyage as the Statsraad Lehmkhul makes its circumnavigation.

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