Supplier Documents

ST Engineering iDirect recognizes the very important role that our suppliers have in ensuring predictable and high value outcomes for ST Engineering iDirect customers. We rely on our suppliers to provide material, product and services that meet all the requirements of ST Engineering iDirect contracts, applicable specifications and the quality requirements outlined below. For any inquiries related to these supplier documents please contact



  • iSQR – The iSQR identifies all core supplier quality requirements that are required by ST Engineering iDirect in order to be an authorized supplier.
  • Cosmetic Acceptance Criteria – Criteria for cosmetic acceptance of finished goods
  • SCAR Form – Supplier corrective action form for submitting supplier corrective actions as requested by ST Engineering iDirect
  • RMA FA Form – Supplier form for submitting the results of failure analysis performed on a failing unit (RMA) as requested by ST Engineering iDirect
  • Supplier Quality Management – Defines the method by which ST Engineering iDirect selects and monitors the performance of suppliers.