June 29, 2021

Industry’s 1.6 Gbps Top Performer: The Fastest Speeds in SCPC and VSAT All in One Modem

Fastest Speeds in SCPC and VSAT
An SCPC Standalone Mode That Truly Stands Alone

There aren’t many things in life that are certain. However, in our industry, there’s one perennial truth and that’s the fact that demand for throughput is only going one way – up. In order to rise to the occasion, service providers need more. Some want versatility and speed for a mix of users. Others need the fastest dedicated links available. And some service providers are looking for both. No matter what the use case, our all-new MDM5010 satellite modem delivers. It’s a multi-personality modem with the industry’s fastest speeds in either mode: flexible VSAT for shared bandwidth and a single return link, or dedicated SCPC standalone mode for 1.6 Gbps of point-to-point power.

The all-new MDM5010 is set to make a significant impact on a range of applications, from the cruise market to enterprise to cellular backhaul to trunking networks. For example, a large cruise ship is a city at sea, with several thousand people on board that all want to have the same connected experience resulting in demand of several Gbps per ship. The increased throughput delivered by the MDM5010 will enhance the overall passenger experience and differentiate a cruise operator’s connectivity offering.

“Just think, as one individual, how many MBs you consume in just one day from viewing streamed video content, video calling and uploading video,” explains veteran Product Manager Dave Suffys. “It’s completely normal for people to consume an enormous amount more MB than they were compared to five or even ten years ago. The majority of us own a mobile device today and we are looking for that Quality of Experience. To achieve this though, we need the throughput to match the demand, to augment the Quality of Experience and offer enhanced features. And the more throughput there is, the more users will gladly consume.”

At ST Engineering iDirect, we constantly strive to go further in terms of speed and efficiency. It’s in our DNA. The installed base of MDM5010 users are already benefitting from increased speeds up to 1 Gbps on Mx-DMA and 1.2 Gbps with an SCPC return. Building onto that, our all-new MDM5010 modem is the next step. Combined, it is the fastest VSAT modem and the fastest SCPC P2P modem— in one unit! Customers can leverage the speed of the dedicated standalone SCPC link with the versatility to switch to VSAT for shared bandwidth and a single return link utilizing our award-winning Mx-DMA return technology on our Dialog® platform.

“This modem has been a year and a half in the making,” continues Dave. “We had quite the success story with our MDM6000 standalone SCPC modem, but the modem reached the limits of its capabilities and customer demand has increased. We could’ve opted for a successor to the 6000 series but instead we hatched the idea of a line rate modem on our 5000 series and decided to develop the standalone SCPC function on the existing platform. We further optimized the speed and used best practices from an ease of configuration and operation perspective that we gained from many years of developing our VSAT modem portfolio to make its operation much easier and intuitive. This resulted in the development of the industry’s fastest SCPC standalone modem on our flagship MDM5010.”

SCPC Standalone Mode that Stands Alone

As an SCPC standalone modem for point-to-point, very high data rate links, the all new MDM5010 is the best in its class, at 1.6 Gbps. It’s ideal for service providers who require the widest bandwidth and highest throughput in the industry. The modem allows providers to increase the amount of services or to augment the customer base within the same bandwidth. It is in full compliance with the DVB-S2X standard, achieving the highest possible efficiency at maximum service availability.

In addition to being the fastest, the all new MDM5010 addresses many of the difficult user issues commonly associated with SCPC to make a remarkably better user experience that is both easier and intuitive. From deployment to operation and maintenance, every detail is taken care of by the streamlined, intuitive GUI.

The Versatility of Two Modes in One Modem

Networks require a mix of services ranging from bursty to very high-rate traffic rates. With the all-new MDM5010, service providers can mix and match deployments. For example, if a very high-rate circuit in the VSAT network continuously takes away too much bandwidth, it is now an option to offload it to its own dedicated SCPC circuit without having to swap out the remote terminal and to free up space for terminals that would benefit from statistical multiplexing gain. This cuts the complexity of storing, configuring and operating multiple modem types and allows service providers to cater to their end-customers’ needs.

In a nutshell, the all-new MDM5010 makes life much easier for our customers. A single modem covers all applications with the guarantee that they have the highest performance, highest speed modem whether their requirements necessitate VSAT or SCPC standalone. The product will be available soon. So, get ready!

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