December 2, 2020

Dialog Release 2.2.3 Breakthrough: 600 Mbps Aggregate Throughput

Dialog Release 2.2.3 Breakthrough: 600 Mbps Aggregate Throughput

The award-winning Newtec Dialog® platform from ST Engineering iDirect that delivers efficiency, flexibility and scalability continues to break through technology barriers.

Large-scale maritime, cell backhaul and trunking networks that employ our MDM5010 modem can now leverage the industry’s highest return rates in shared bandwidth networks. With an upgrade to Dialog 2.2.3, the MDM5010 modem can now yield up to 200 Mbps throughput on our innovative Mx-DMA® return, coupled with 400 Mbps on DVB-S2X outbound to support higher data rate applications and superior Quality of Experience (QoE) from a single pool of bandwidth.

Frequencies – A Satellite Podcast

Cruise, Backhaul, Trunking | Highest Return Rates for Demanding Applications

What precisely does Dialog 2.2.3 mean to certain key sectors? Take a few minutes to meet our market heads and product lead. Listen in and learn how Dialog 2.2.3 is shaping how these markets connect.

Frequencies - Episode 1

Episode 1: High Throughput and Networking for Cell Backhaul

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Frequencies - Episode 2

Episode 2: High Throughput and Mobility for Maritime

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Speedcast Quote - Dialog 2.2.3

Innovative Return Technology Validated by Early Adopter Speedcast

ST Engineering iDirect’s MDM5010 sets new speed record, achieving 600 Mbps including three times more return throughput in shared bandwidth networks.


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Same Modem, Triple the Speed

Impressive results on return and aggregate throughput are the highlight of the new Dialog 2.2.3 release. Available to all MDM5010 modem users who upgrade.


Release Highlights

The Dialog 2.2.3 release includes several features and enhancements that achieve even greater operational efficiency for large-scale maritime, cell backhaul and trunking networks. Dialog 2.2.3 also includes new service offerings pertaining to L2oS optimization and encryption for enterprise applications.


  • Fastest returns in shared bandwidth to provide broadband to thousands at a time
  • More TCP sessions and embedded acceleration for Quality of Experience (QoE)
  • Low jitter for real-time applications


  • Full range of MODCODs for each link condition to now include VL-SNR
  • Enhanced ACM algorithm to optimize user experience


  • L2oS optimization