Agilis Manpack Terminal Solutions

The Agilis parabolic manpack is a custom-built terminal providing high reliability and flexibility for operations in harsh environments.

Agilis Parabolic Manpack Satellite Terminal
  • Features

    Portability and deployment

    • Fast deployment
    • No tools required for assembly / disassembly
    • Modem agnostic

    Environmental compliance

    • MIL-STD-810F Compliance for Temperature, Humidity, Precipitation, Vibration

    Ease of Operation and Flexibility

    • AC or DC powered
    • Auto Pointing via Handheld or One Touch Acquisition Button
  • Applications

    • Defence: Special operations, secure military communications
    • Government: Disaster recovery, emergency services
    • Enterprise: Mining NGO
    1M/1.2M Agilis Parabolic Manpack Satellite Terminal