September 25, 2019

Outside Broadcast Transformed by Newtec Dialog®

Outside Broadcast

Outside Broadcast (OB) events play an important role in any broadcaster’s remit. The ability to cover live events, whether it is breaking news, a concert or sports match, the live experience has become an essential ingredient for broadcast networks everywhere. Broadcasters today need to create that feeling of immediacy, of being there. The OB truck has become increasingly sophisticated as time has moved on, enabling broadcasters to get to the scene rapidly, to set up and start broadcasting within minutes and to deliver their broadcast back to the studio via a contribution link.

The Future of OB is IP

When we talk about the more sophisticated nature of OB, we are talking about the advent of IP and the Internet. Today, a mix of technologies are employed to cover live events over a multi-service communications link. The power of IP makes this possible. For broadcasters, the ability to use multiple networks, such as 3G and 4G or Ka- and Ku-band satellite, is essential. When terrestrial transmission becomes contended, the satellite link must also be able to adapt and scale dynamically to higher bandwidths.

The fact is that a simple contribution link to relay the OB pictures back to headquarters is not enough. They also require access to phone lines, the Internet, email and file transfer services. However, installation of these essential services is normally provided by fixed line operators and is very costly. Once the installation is completed, the services are often used on a onetime basis and very rarely used again. Installation of these critical services on board OB trucks eliminates the need for one-off installations and means that the services travel with the trucks wherever they are required.

A Multi-service Approach Calls for a Multi-service Platform

Newtec is at the forefront of all-IP newsgathering and realizes the importance of reliability of service to broadcasters who require consistent, seamless transmission with the ability to gain access to a range of applications. Newtec Dialog® is a single-service and multi-service VSAT platform that allows broadcasters to build and adapt their infrastructure and satellite networking according to the situation. Based on the cornerstones of flexibility, scalability and efficiency, the Newtec Dialog platform gives the operator the power to offer a variety of services on a single platform.

The installation of Newtec Dialog is enabling South African media broadcast company, Telemedia to offer a data service in addition to video broadcasting services from its fleet of Outside Broadcast (OB) trucks. Founded in 1981, Telemedia has evolved into a broad-based media facility providing a sophisticated and versatile product range with an emphasis on cutting-edge equipment and solutions.

“The Newtec Dialog hub has enabled us to develop a comprehensive and flexible IP solution that complements our broadcast services,” said Steve Bretherick, Technical Director, at Telemedia. “This solution will allow us to provide the same service over and over again at every location, without installation costs. The hub has also enabled us to provide a backup restoration system for the Satellite News Gathering (SNG) part of the business.”

“We are pleased to have been able to offer a flexible solution that allows Telemedia to reduce its overall cost and at the same time increase its service offering portfolio,” said Pieter-Paul Mooijman, Regional Sales Director, Africa, at Newtec. “At a time when broadcasting is becoming ever more sophisticated, Newtec Dialog provides a flexible solution that is reliable – and this is what every broadcaster is looking for today.”

Outside Broadcast